Mike Pence Kneels During National Anthem

Vice President Mike Pence (short for Michael Pencil) surrounded himself in controversy this week as he kneeled for the national anthem at a Cowboys game due to the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This has outraged just about everyone from evangelicals to strong-blooded conservatives.

“I cannot have my vice president kneel for the national anthem; I will not stand for such disrespect for my flag or troops.” This came from a Cowboys fan that left the stadium after watching his country be disrespected.

The same fan refused to comment on the exact price of his walkout, but estimates are around several thousands of dollars of taxpayer money.

Pence has even drawn criticism from President Trump who tweeted the following from his Twitter account yesterday.

“@VPOTUS (Vice President of the United States) I am sickened by the utter and complete disrespect you have for our flag and troops. MSNBC will praise you and God above may grant you grace, but I promise you they are all fake news. Wouldn’t it be nice if your boss could say, YOU’RE FIRED!”

Pence was reported as saying the following.

“We have seen Christianity take repeated publicity hits over the past few decades culminating now to a Ken Ham level of insanity. I wanted to use my platform to bring attention to our Lord and Savior showing up at the football stadium today, it has nothing do with the flag.”

Pence was reportedly standing for the national anthem as any good American would, when all of a sudden there was a sound of heavenly harps. According to initial reports, that is when Jesus drove onto the football field in a “jacked up” F-150 pickup truck with a rebel flag painted on the side. This is when Pence dropped to his knees for his beliefs.

The most recent stunt by Pence has not been overlooked by the online community, which has been highly critical of the vice president.

The Twitter user, @rebelbornandproud, had this to say regarding the legitimacy of Pence as an American.


This was echoed throughout the Internet, with some people calling for his immediate firing and or deportation back to where he came from.

Pence has remained silent since his initial comment. The current political environment though has not let up, as protests erupt outside of the White House.

This controversy comes right in the middle of Pence’s other political debacle, falling asleep during church last Sunday. He has yet to comment publicly on that issue though.

Last updated: Thursday, Oct. 12, 9:38 a.m.

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