Make Homecoming Spicier Please

Homecoming events are limited when comparing to other Universities.

North Dakota State is filled with school pride, and it’s something I admire about the university. Our love for the Bison unites the campus as a family.

However, some of the herd doesn’t celebrate homecoming, and I am one of them. People have been asking me what I am doing for homecoming, and my answer is nothing.

At first, I thought that it was the stress of my classes and work that was holding me back. It feels like a lot of effort to squeeze in time for homecoming, as well as the planning required.

After thinking about it a little longer, I realized that it wasn’t me that was boring, but the week itself. I looked at the schedule on NDSU’s site for Homecoming 2017, and it’s quite bare. It says homecoming week is Sept. 25-30. Yet, the schedule only lists events for Sept. 28-30.

It’s time to spice it up a bit. We need to make traditions that are lasting and engaging. Homecoming isn’t just about football — it’s about coming together.

Other universities have some pretty creative traditions. For example, Ball State University has bed races, South Dakota State has Hobo Day and Arizona State has a lantern-filled, night hike up a mountain.

I tried to think of a list of events that could amp up the homecoming experience, and this is what I came up with. A campus-wide Nerf battle, a block party with local food trucks and vendors, a concert with a notable band, Medallion Hunt or a comedy night with a professional comedian.

Each day of the week, NDSU could host a big event. By having a diverse list of activities, the university will have a better chance of engaging all types of people. Homecoming provides NDSU with the opportunity to positively connect with students.

Having a more exciting list of homecoming events is beneficial to both the university and the students. I can’t be for certain, but I’d like to think a more engaging atmosphere would help with NDSU’s retention rate.

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