Local Twitter Personality Comes Out in Support of Snow

Lisa Nucar sat down with me to discuss her love of unseasonal snow.

Local mock-relatable/emo-goth Twitter account has come out with an unpopular opinion that they, ­­­Lisa Nucar, actually enjoys the snow in April.

“I hate all of you people complaining about the snow,” Nucar tweeted. She sent this tweet during the dumping of snow over the weekend. Her snap story confirmed she was inside with her cat and watching “Naruto.”

Nucar, whose Twitter bio reads, “I probably hate you,” enjoys being the voice of disgust in our world. Her tweet, three weeks ago confirms this:

“I hate all you fake bitches.”

This controversial support for unseasonable weather comes on the heels of a 34-tweet thread, which Nucar discussed the reasons why she hates Taylor Swift but loves Alice in Chains.

This Twitter aesthetic has rarely been seen to this extreme.

Nucar told us she would rather go to the beach when it is snowing than go when it is sunny and warm, a feeling that this reporter can understand — sweater game is tough to beat.

“The sun hurts my skin. I prefer darkness.” Nucar, whose hometown is Edina, Minnesota, told us that she came from humble beginnings and hated her father. Her father, according to her, was a big fat phony.

“My dad went to Jamaica this last winter during my finals week with my third stepmom and didn’t even bother to invite me.” Nucar clarified she most likely wouldn’t have gone, but the possibility was there.

Nucar, who likes to avoid getting political on social media until at least three drinks, told us that this most recent attack is simply out of exhaustion.

“I saw literally over a hundred tweets and memes from everyone. Look, we get it. It snowed. We live in North Dakota. It’s not like it snowed in Hell.” Nucar also told us that she specifically hated the SpongeBob memes about the snow, noting that those memes had taken one of her favorite episodes, “Nature Pants,” and made her hate it.

“I dislike it when anything I enjoy becomes popular. I want it for myself, you lame-o’s.” Nucar told us to make sure that the paper doesn’t get too popular, or she’d stop reading it as well.

Well, we can promise we will do our best to remain only practically relevant, Nucar.

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