Kicking off the ‘Fargo Fantastic Film Festival’

Also known as FFFF, the festival spotlights classics through one-night only events

Alex Light | Photo Courtesy

For those that have always wanted to learn more about their favorite films, or simply discover old classics that may be new to them, the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival is every Fargo-Moorhead citizen’s answer.

With a lack of new films being released as much of the film community still faces fallout from the pandemic, along with filming restrictions, the local favorite Fargo Theatre has found a new way to highlight old movies.

Movies that many college students most likely haven’t heard of before, yet may be (in)famous to an older demographic, will be shown in their local theatre to highlight potentially underrepresented films of another time. What’s special about these showings is that they will occasionally bring a few secrets and surprises along with them.

Kicking off the festival is the 1999 dark comedy and crime thriller ‘The Boondock Saints’, starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery and Willem Dafoe. The infamous classic focuses on two Irish Catholic brothers (Reedus and Flannery) who become vigilantes and aim to wipe out the criminal underworld of Boston in their own righteous manner.

Not only is the Fargo Theatre showing the film in full for longtime fans and newcomers to ‘The Boondock Saints’; they are also bringing out some star power. One-half of the Boondock Saints themselves, Sean Patrick Flannery, and costar David Della Rocco will be appearing in person for the film’s showing and will be able to answer any burning questions from the audience.

David Della Rocco played “Rocco”, the brothers’ friend, sidekick and accomplice throughout both the first and second installments. While debatable entertainment superstars Norman Reedus and Willem Dafoe were more than likely off filming other projects and too busy to make it to Fargo for a film showing, it’s most certainly impressive that two of the film’s stars will be in attendance as many discover a former film of theirs for the first time.

While it’s unknown which other classics the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival will be showing, or which other surprise guests will appear, most can assume that FFFF has some more surprises up their sleeve.

The festival’s opening night will begin at 6:30 pm and run through 10:30 pm on Thursday evening, Oct. 14.

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