GOP Debate? More Like GOP Circus

“Good question, but I want to tell you, my great concern is that we are on the verge, perhaps, of picking someone who cannot do this job.” Queue face-to-palm. These debates are not debates. These debates are circuses.

The Republican debates are really the political equivalent to a high school gossip circle. There are no answers actually being answered; no one is allowed to finish; there is little truth and they are all clueless and dumb to the actual issues.

If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe these actual quotes from the second debate. Rand Paul for instance pointed out how “sophomoric” the tactics of Donald Trump are.

“I think his response, his visceral response to attack people on their appearance … my goodness. That happened in junior high,” Paul said.

Then Governor Kasich pointed out that the issues are lost in all of the fighting. “I think it’s important we get to the issues, because that’s what people want, and they don’t want all of this fighting.”

Finally Governor Walker pointed out, “Just because he says it doesn’t make it true; the facts are the facts.”

Load up one of the Republican debates and the Democratic debate. Watch them both, no matter your political affiliation. I guarantee you that the Republican debate is going to be by far the more entertaining one.

I have spent the past few days glued to my computer. They are hilarious. It’s like watching the ten or so stooges poking each other in the eyes for two and a half hours. Though that is all good and fun, let’s take this for what it actually is: a play to the audience. They say exactly what the audience wants to hear. Obama did the same thing; remember, we are still in Afghanistan.

Politics aside, the issue with debates like this are that people actually buy into this circus. People think Trump commenting on another running mate’s hair makes him a good presidential candidate. Or at least that’s what the polls tell me.

These are not the real issues. Far too much of what these debates are is just a play to the audience. Whether it is a highly rehearsed cue looking to the camera with sympathetic eyes and trying hard to seem sincere like Mr. Cruz, or just random bull honky being spewed from a troll doll that just so happens to be a billionaire like Mr. Trump, it is all ridiculous.

The whole point of a debate is to learn where people stand. It is not who looks the best or who can say the meanest thing, not that Hillary Clinton is the worst person on the face of the planet. Goodness, can we please just talk about the issues.

As I sit on my bed eating popcorn, watching Trump talk about how ugly Rand Paul is, I have to jolt myself back to reality. These men are fighting to be in the White House. They just might actually get there. This is the state of the GOP.

Republicans, please take back your party. Please make a statement because the statement that is being made now by your party is not flattering.

Living in North Dakota, I know conservatives are not marked by their ability to pick flaws out of people. Rather, conservatives here in this great state are hard working, honest, family-loving people, who have nothing bad to say to anyone.

Maybe things won’t change, but a guy can dream.

3 Replies to “GOP Debate? More Like GOP Circus”

  1. Erik it is very discerning to hear you say that these debates are meaningless. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however I’m not sure you quite deserve one. I have been to a couple of these debates in person and what the media portrays is not even kind of what happens. Trump is a very intelligent man and for you to slander him really rubs me the wrong direction. You are the issue with America not the GOP debates.

    With concerns,
    -John A III

  2. You will never understand politics until you realize that politicians don’t care about issues. “Playing to the audience” is all they ever do. This has nothing to do with republicans are democrats. Politicians have no incentive to fix things. They only care about getting elected. This problem is inherent to democracy.
    Erik, you thinking this is is about republicans shows you know nothing about politics.

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