Gaming News: ‘Battlefield V’ Details and $8K Special Edition

Every week a slew of news from the gaming world hits the internet, sometimes way too much to keep track of. So here is a quick rundown of all the most interesting and important news of the week.

‘Battlefield V’ details

Unlike “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” “Battlefield V” is not ditching the single-player story this year. Officially called “War Stories,” the campaign will have you experiencing different perspectives during World War II.

The first one that was unveiled is titled “Nordlys” and takes place during the German occupation of Norway. Players will take on the role of a young Norwegian resistance fighter, as she attempts to evade the occupation soldiers and trying to rescue her captive mother. Players must fight for the country’s liberation and family survival.

Another one of the War Stories is called “Under No Flag” and has players join a band of rogues to wage war 500 miles behind enemy lines. Players must choose how to foil the Luftwaffe operations in the open desert, mostly through sabotage.

The final detailed War Story for launch is called “Tirailleur” and has players join the French Colonial Army, as they attempt to liberate southern France, a contribution to the war that has gone unnoticed until recently. Players must try to survive in this hectic battle, as well as earn the acceptance for their duty.

The other War Story revealed is called “The Last Tiger,” and it puts players in the role of a German soldier driving a tiger tank. The biggest aspect of this story is that the character will be questioning the goals of the Nazis as you fight for them.

Along with War Stories, it was also revealed that “Firestorm,” the “Battlefield V” battle royale mode, will not be launching with the game, but instead will come out in 2019. So until then, you can play “Fortnite” or “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.”

‘Days Gone’ delayed

The much anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive zombie survival game from SIE Bend Studio, “Days Gone” has been hit with a delay. Originally scheduled to launch in February 2019, Sony has now moved it to April 2019 to avoid the rush of game releases in February. This is the second time it’s been delayed, so there is a chance it will be delayed again in the future.

Expensive limited edition

Capcom is releasing an “Ultra Limited Edition” of “Devil May Cry 5” that will cost fans a pretty penny. It will cost you as much as $8,600, no joke. As of now, the bundles have only been announced for Japan.

The edition comes in three versions, each based on a different character. The V version costs $5,741 (648,00 yen), the Nero version costs $7,176 (810,000 yen) and the Dante version costs $8,600 (972,000 yen).

Each version comes with the game as well as a jacket designed to look like the jacket worn by the character of the version you bought. They will each sport a battle damaged look and be made from genuine leather. You could have one for the low price of a car.

‘Fallout 76’

“Fallout 76” is the new multiplayer only “Fallout” game, but that does not mean the famous factions will be left out. Bethesda has revealed all the factions that will be with you in West Virginia.

The Brotherhood of Steel, the Raiders and the Enclave are all returning factions from previous games. With them comes two new factions fighting for your attention, the Free States and Responders.

Along with that, the “Break-It Early Test Application” (B.E.T.A.), or beta, has officially started for anyone who preordered the game. It is scheduled for certain times, which seem to keep changing, so pay close attention to that if you want to participate.

Rockstar is happy they aren’t doing ‘GTA VI’ this year

According to Dan Houser, cofounder of Rockstar Games, the studio is happy that they are releasing “Red Dead Redemption 2” this year instead of “Grand Theft Auto VI.” He said they have no idea what they would do and believes that it would get out of date fast. Houser also said the company does not know how upset people would get with them in this political climate.

That is about all the interesting stuff that happened in the gaming industry this week. Every week is different, and some way more interesting, so be on the lookout for next week’s rundown.

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