Franklin Scandal, Linked to ND, Remains Unresolved

One of the worst alleged government scandals in US history, known as The Franklin Scandal, supposedly involved Illuminists.

I say alleged, because I still have a difficult time figuring out what to believe when it comes to this scandal.

All I know is that if the allegations are true, then the Franklin Scandal represents one of the most heinous manifestations of evil I have ever heard of.

It is also one of the rare historical instances of hard proof that Satanic cults (commonly referred to as “The Illuminati”), have infiltrated the highest levels of our government.

The Franklin Scandal, which broke in the late 1980s, centered on Larry King, the manager of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha Nebraska. The FCU was under investigation for laundering $40 million.

King’s resulting media attention caused several people to come forward with strange allegations that, as children, they had been forced into underground prostitution rings of which King was a ringleader.

The accusers claimed, among other things, that they had been forced to participate in Satanic rituals involving pedophilia, extreme violence and occasionally, human sacrifice.

Being that King was a prominent figure within Republican circles, this scandal soon snowballed beyond the FCU to include officials from the highest levels of the US government and business community, both Republican and Democrat.

Even our former president, George Bush Sr., was implicated.

The most notable whistleblower was Republican State Senator of Nebraska, John DeCamp.

Though King was successfully prosecuted for laundering $40 million, neither he nor any of the other accused were successfully prosecuted for the Satanic ritual abuse of children.

Mainstream society concluded that this scandal was a carefully crafted hoax concocted by overzealous Christians.

I admit there may be some truth to this, but I am still not completely satisfied with this explanation; I suspect some of the allegations may be true.

DeCamp provides evidence in his 1992 book, “The Franklin Cover-Up,” that the Satanic ritual abuse was real and that widespread government corruption was to blame for the lack of prosecution on these crimes.

Though DeCamp’s testimony is compelling, I still have a difficult time forming a definitive opinion due to the fact that there is too much evidence for me to analyze.

However, two independent groups have done investigations: the BBC and investigative journalist Nick Bryant. These investigations are reviewed in the BBC documentary, “Conspiracy of Silence,” and Bryant’s 2009 book, “The Franklin Scandal.”

Both concluded that the allegations of Satanic ritual abuse were plausible and that these crimes were covered up by our government.

One notable thing worth mentioning is that DeCamp considered this corruption to be so extensive that even North Dakota was involved.

DeCamp, who became increasingly disillusioned with our government, released an updated version of his book in 2004 where he provided more examples of government corruption.

One chapter focused on North Dakota, specifically the 1983 Medina Massacre involving Gordon Kahl.

DeCamp claims that Kahl was innocent, and suspects that the Medina Massacre was a failed assassination attempt partially orchestrated by Freemasons. For those that do not know, Freemasonry is a Satanic religion that masquerades as a fraternal organization.

I could provide more examples of alleged corruption that surfaced as a result of the Franklin Scandal; this is only a brief overview. Personally, I think this scandal is too important to be ignored, and people need to know about it.

If you decide to do any personal research on it, you may come to understand why conspiracy theorists get so mad about the Illuminati.

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