Fargo Fashion| 6 Unique Ways to Style a Simple Scarf or Bandanna

Like most people, I love finding fast and easy ways to make a simple outfit (such as a white T-shirt and jeans) more fun and interesting. I have found that an easy way to do this is just by adding a bandanna or scarf to your everyday look. It is easy to find cheap scarves or bandannas at most clothing retailers, but some of my favorite places to find unique ones are local thrift stores. They usually have a large variety of scarves that vary in length and color. If you are feeling inspired, check out the six different ways I style my favorite scarves and bandannas.

1. Wrap it around your purse

One of my favorite ways to style a scarf is to simply wrap it around the handles of one of my purses. Adding this simple touch can make any

Ryley Berzinski| THE SPECTRUM
Adding a bow around the handles of a basic purse adds style.

purse look unique and more expensive. Just simply decide what side of the purse you want your scarf on and wrap it around the handle until you have the desired length of scarf hanging down from the bag.

2. Wrap it around your ankle/wrist

When you think of places to wear your favorite scarf, your ankle or wrist may not be your first thought. For the ankle option, this works best with a pair of cropped jeans or trousers. Just roll the scarf/bandana and wrap it around your ankle/wrist to the desired length and tie in a simple bow or knot. I love this look because it adds interest to a simple outfit and can help attract attention to your favorite pair of shoes!

3. Tie it around your ponytail

Having a bad hair day? Slick your hair back into a pony or bun and fasten it with a regular ponytail binder. Once this is

done, take your scarf and wrap it around the ponytail. The choice is up to you whether you want to create a

Ryley Berzinski| THE SPECTRUM
Wrapping a smaller scarf around your bun is a look that will get you compliments.

bow with your scarf or let the ends hang down. This look is extremely simple and only takes seconds to achieve. I love it because it adds interest to a regular ponytail or bun, and overall it makes your hair look put together and polished.

4. Use it as a belt

If you need a simple way to spruce up a plain T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans, look no further! Just take a longer scarf that fits around your waist and thread it through your belt loops. It is up to you whether you want to tie it in a girly bow or let the strands hang down to give the look a more laid-back feel.

5. Wrap it around only two belt loops

This trend is pretty self-explanatory. Just take your scarf and tie it around only two belt loops. You can choose any two belt loops you like to tie your scarf around depending on whether you want it hanging in the front or the back of your pants.

6. Wrap it around your neck and layer with necklaces

I absolutely love this look for fall. You can use any bandana or scarf that you think suits you best. Wrap the scarf around your neck then decide if you want the tie in the front or back. I have a lot of fun playing around with different ways to tie and wrap my scarves. Once you have your bandana/scarf to your liking, just layer your favorite necklaces, and the outfit is complete.

Ryley Berzinski| THE SPECTRUM
A simple outfit becomes stylish by adding a scarf.

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