Fall is here

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Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Peace out summer, you won’t be missed

Fall has arrived, people. The world may seem like it’s falling apart at the seams, a pandemic may still be ravaging our country and a contentious election might be coming, but this week that can seem less blaringly concerning. Why? Because the unequivocally most amazing season has arrived.

Compared to all other seasons, fall is the clear and concise winner; I know I may be an Opinion writer, but today friends, I am speaking straight facts. Leaves turning, crisp fresh air, and lazy afternoons make for a blissful few weeks (I mean, let’s be real, fall lasts for about two weeks in North Dakota).

Looking at the other seasons, they just don’t stack up. Summer in North Dakota is sticky, humid and everlasting. You’re constantly coated in some kind of ick, either sunscreen, bug spray or sweat. The fragrant smell of cow manure seems to hang around the entire state. 

Sure, the break from school is nice, but less school usually means more working. Now I don’t know about you, but my idea of relaxing doesn’t involve working more so I can afford to go to the lake with friends just to do it all over again the next week, but this time with peeling skin.

Then there’s winter. No question, when that first snow falls even the most cynical of us get a little winter glimmer in our eye. Fast forward five or seven or ten months, however long winter decides to stick around, and most of us are over it.

Winter might have cozy holidays, but it also has seasonal depression. Sitting inside to stay warm is not as nice when your nose is constantly dripping. Winter is long, dark and dreary, no thanks.

Spring can be nice. Just as watching fall leaves change can warm the heart, seeing those leaves appear in the first place can bring another kind of joy. However, the joy is stimied by the giant piles of dirt-covered snow taking months to melt all over the place.

Boys wearing shorts in 40 degree weather is quite entertaining, but spring still isn’t very relaxing. Spring for NDSU students usually means finals. The minute the weather turns nice, it’s just about time for academics to kick in to high gear. No spring, I don’t need your chilly, wet, stressful season any time soon.

But fall, fall is wonderful man. You can’t get mad at weather that lets you wear shorts and a sweatshirt and stay perfectly temperate. You can’t get mad at orange-colored days and nights filled with the smell of burning leaves. If you can get mad, there’s just no pleasing you.

Plus, fall means Halloween is coming. Is there any other holiday that so collectively brings people joy? You can dress up, get free candy, be scary, be funny, be sexy, be anything you want, there’s something for everyone. 

Also, fall has its own line of themed beverages: ciders, pumpkin-spice anything and chai for days. Fall is sweater season. Fall is gourds on gourds. At this point, fall is the reason I am able to get up in the morning.

So here’s to open windows at night and trips to the pumpkin patch. Fall is here. 

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