Earth Day at NDSU

Events going on to celebrate our planet

Graphic by Cassy Tweed

The Annual Earth Day is occurring again this Thursday, April 22. This day is designed to celebrate the world and nature everywhere. It is also an opportunity for organizations and individuals to educate others about the world. Events to celebrate Earth Day and educate people are occurring on campus and around the world.

On April 17, students gathered around campus to pick up garbage on North Dakota State University’s campus. These students were able to give back to clean up the campus. The National Residence Center hosted this event titled, “Towards a Greener World.” Another Earth Day clean-up will occur on Thursday, April 22, students will meet outside the Memorial Union at NDSU. This event will be hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Club.

The Environmental Sustainability Club is an organization that gives back to the community and world through hosting events and volunteer opportunities for students. This organization’s “primary goals are to educate fellow students about sustainable habits, as well as reducing NDSU’s environmental impact.”

Other events are also occurring around the country. One of these events is the Global Earth Summit, which occurred Tuesday, April 20. According to Earth Day, this event consisted of, “panels, speeches, discussions and special messages with today’s youth climate activists including Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Villaseñor and Licypriya Kangujam.” 

Other events that occurred to celebrate Earth Day are the “We Shall Breath” at the National Earth Day Summit. This event will “examine climate and environmental justice, connecting the climate crisis to issues of pollution, poverty, police brutality and the pandemic, all within a racial justice framework.” More events are occurring throughout the week and can be found on Earth Day website. 

These events will help educate and spark change throughout the world. They will also address social change, climate restoration, clean-ups and environmental justice. 

To help with making a difference on earth day, students can attend the clean-ups around campus. Researching important issues, attending events or donating to verified organizations are other ways to help. You can also visit the Earth Day website found at

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