Command the Undead in ‘Necronator: Dead Wrong’

New indie game by Toge Productions enters Steam Early Access Feb. 13

Defeat the forces of good with an undead army in ‘Necronator: Dead Wrong.’

This Friday is Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. The day before, however, is a time to raise an army of the undead to wreak havoc amongst your enemies.

This can be done in a new indie game called “Necronator: Dead Wrong” by Toge Productions, which will be coming out on PC Thursday, Feb, 13.

After choosing a unique commander, take command of the Necronator’s forces and bring them to victory against the Livmore Alliance. This is what has been asked to restore the Necronator to his former magnificence.

Here are some features to look for in “Necronator: Dead Wrong.”

Distinct commanders

There are several commanders to choose from to lead the army of the undead. Each commander has a powerful spell and a special unit they can summon amongst the rest of the horde.

The commanders also have their reasons for wanting to help the Necronator. These can be discovered by playing each commander’s narrative campaign.

Raise the dead to fight

Throughout the campaign, collect and power up the undead units so they can be deployed onto the battlefield in fast-paced, real-time strategy combat. With more than 20 units to upgrade and synergize with other units, take the fight to the Livmore Kingdom.

To the death

There are places to conquer and undead to raise. Defeat the forces of good with your evil army of skeleton archers, demon fiends, Gorkling bombers and more to crush any resistance, even fluffy battering rams.

Totems of power

There are game-changing relics scattered across the campaigns that will give your commander some very interesting and powerful abilities. Unfortunately, these abilities are unpredictable and do not always do what is expected of them.


While “Necronator: Dead Wrong” will be releasing on Jan. 13 in Steam Early Access. This means much of the content will not be in the game until a later date. However, this is a time for the developer to show how they handle the game, and themselves, in the months after its initial drop into the early access bucket.

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