Chiefs and Texans set to begin NFL season

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Kelce and the Chiefs are primed for another big year on offense

Kansas City’s title defense beings against Houston

Back in the spring when the Covid-19 pandemic forced the March Madness tournament to be canceled, the NBA and NHL to be postponed and the MLB to reschedule its start date was unprecedented. It was of the most unique and notable weeks in the history of sports.

Despite losing sports for months, there was one thing sports fans could cling to: the NFL would not be affected. Roger Goodell had lucked out, and would not have to deal with this pandemic business come September. So everyone thought… Now the season kicks off tonight with no end to the pandemic in sight. However, given months to prepare and learn from other sports league’s mistakes, this 2020 NFL season is happening. We made it folks.

From the outside looking in this game seems like a lock for a Kansas City Chiefs. The reigning champs are returning 20 starters total, and have the best player on the planet in Patrick Mahomes. The Texans, on the other hand, dumped their all-pro wide receiver in the offseason, and appear to lack any identity on either side of the ball.

However, with Deshaun Watson playing quarterback, there is no game the Texans can be counted out. Going back to his college days, Watson has been one of those “rise-to-the-occasion” kind of guys. He could get beat up for three quarters but save the day with a few brilliant plays to win a game. He is a true superstar and leader that can keep the Texans competitive against anyone.

While Watson can keep it close, Kansas City’s high powered offense is a large miss-match to the Texans, and maybe the rest of the NFL. How would you like the Chiefs to beat you? Do you want Travis Kelce eating up years in between the ’20s all game? Perhaps you want Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman out sprinting the entire defense and scoring from 50+ yards out. Maybe you want the Chiefs running backs earning tough yards until a dumped off screen pass goes for 60.

It will likely be a combination of all of the above. Unless Patrick Mahomes forgets how to play football, or an asteroid strikes Kansas City, MO (honestly in 2020 anything is possible) the Chiefs should roll through the NFL regular season.

While the Texans may have taken a step back talent-wise this offseason, it is not all doom and gloom. A mini playoff run last season may have given the Texans a little experience they needed. Not to be forgotten, the Texans led the Chiefs by 24 points in the AFC divisional round last season (although it was for about two seconds.) Houston also plays in one of the weaker divisions in the NFL, with big question marks for all three other teams.

Regardless of how the game plays out, the NFL is back, and that is enough. See you next time for NFL Week one overreactions.

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