rapper saba

Chicago Rapper on the Rise

rapper saba
Rapper Saba has shown immense talent and has a promising career ahead.

The summer of 2015 brought about something amazing.

The setting: a parking lot behind Familia HQ skate park in Northeast Minneapolis. The day: local artist P.O.S.’ mini-festival known as “The Best F—king Show Ever.”

After a few sets, an artist from Chicago by the name of Saba took the stage.

Saba’s set was incredible to say the least. The man knew how to get a crowd pumped up, emitting powerful vibes that reached everyone.

At one point during Saba’s performance there were some technical difficulties that caused his music to stop. Saba powered through with a jaw dropping a capella performance. I became a fan immediately.

Just one year after the release of his “ComfortZone” mix tape, Saba announced that he is working on new music.

The man delivered. He’s released two new tracks, “GPS” and “Soap Box,” on Soundcloud. Both new songs lead one to believe that Saba is just warming up, and show great progression in his artistic abilities.

Saba’s music is completely addictive. He balances his ruthless verses with soulful hooks, using numerous instruments and choral supporting vocals. His lyrics are positive and witty, giving his music a sort of philosophical depth.

Saba’s schedule appears to be full as he is planning a European tour with Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier and a South by Southwest 2016 visit.

This guy’s got momentum. Hopefully, another full album from Saba is close to release.

If you haven’t checked out Saba, I recommend his music. All of his work is available for free on Soundcloud, and his newest releases are available on Spotify.

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