Checking in on the World of Sports

A quick glance at the calendar shows that we are now in the middle of November. Seems like just yesterday students were up to their necks in homework, not being able to enjoy sports properly. So let’s take a quick look at what has been happening in the world of sports lately.

I thought we were good team: Minnesota Vikings

With 5-0 and leading the division going into the bye week, all was good in ‘Sota. Then, they decided not to want the ball. Did anyone understand the first quarter of the Philly game? No? The Vikings have skidded to a four-game losing streak. The defense is still good, but not fearsome. The offense has ground to a halt and the kicking game …

Guy that sadly, deservedly, got cut: Blair Walsh

Remember his rookie year? 10-10 from field goals over 50. What a year. Sadly, his form has dropped, and missing four extra points is not good. It is worth a thought just how much that playoff miss messed with him mentally. He is still a good kicker, but it was the right call from the Vikings.

Person you didn’t want to be: Stanford and Texas 1,000m swimmers

Stanford University hosted the University of Texas in a duel swim meet. A total of six women took on the challenge of swimming the 1,000 meters. You expect there to be time gaps among the six, and there was. At least you have a feeling of competing for a top spot.

That leaves when the announcer said, “And in lane six, Katie Ledecky.” You know, the Olympic gold medalist. Ledecky smashed the NCAA record by 10 seconds, lapping each of her competitors. The final finishing gap was a mere 35 seconds.

Owner of the hot seat: Jurgen Klinsmann

To say that the tenure of Jurgen Klinsmann has been a roller coaster is an understatement. For a coach that came in promising revolutionary changes, those haven’t been kept. The latest showing of any revolution was the introduction of a 3-5-2 system in the opening World Cup qualifier against Mexico. A 2-1 defeat followed, then it got worse four days later.

The Americans were downed 4-0 in Costa Rica. Considering how well the men’s side of U.S. soccer has been doing lately (failing in Olympic qualifying, fourth at the Gold Cup, embarking loss to Argentina in the Copa), it may be time for a change. It serves as a reminder that Bob Bradley made way for Klinnsman after dropping the Gold Cup final to Mexico.

Thing you heard about but shouldn’t have: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

Firstly, NFL Network needs to can the whole “It happened on a Thursday” commercials. Does anyone care that Edgar Allen Poe saw a Raven on a Thursday? Then there is the game itself. Did you watch this game? To those who said yes, did you watch for fantasy football implications?

This is not an exciting match up, but the NFL doesn’t know why the ratings are low. Joe Flacco did throw for nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns. The futile Browns are not the best team in the NFL. Any word if they have signed that squirrel from Green Bay yet?

Thing you didn’t hear about but should have: Max Verstappen in Brazil

An introduction to Max Verstappen. He is 19, Dutch and son of a famed racing driver. He drives for the Red Bull team in Formula 1. At the Brazilian Grand Prix he put on a clinic of driving. The Interlagos Circuit was soaked, and variably heavily rain meant Verstappen had to pit under safety car with 20 laps to go. He restarted in 14th with 12 laps to go.

In what ended up being 20 minutes of near perfect driving, he went to finish 3rd. He slid past anyone he could catch, including an excellent move on four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel. It was simply a drive for the ages.

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