Brady beats Pats, passes Brees for passing record

Brady also became the fourth quarterback to beat all 32 NFL teams

This week Tom Brady added another accomplishment to his resume. He is now the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, reaching 80,560 total. And the best part about this record, he was able to do it in front of his former team, the New England Patriots. Brady spent the first 18 years of his career in New England, where he won them six Super Bowls before leaving for Tampa Bay and winning another.

Everyone knows Brady has a very special spot in the hearts of every Patriots fan, so it must have made it a bittersweet moment when he broke this record as a member of the Buccaneers.

When the schedules this season came out, every NFL fan put this Buccaneers at Patriots week four matchup onto their calendars. People were quick to notice there was a good chance that Brady could break the record where his career started.

Brady’s return to Foxborough was hyped as the biggest revenge game since Brett Favre wiped the floor with the Packers back in in 2009. The NFL played commercials showing some of Brady’s best moments to the tune of Adele’s ‘Hello’ in a week long marketing campaign of one of the seasons most anticipated matchups.

Add in excerpts from sports writer Seth Wickersham’s book “It’s Better to Be Feared” being released, and the result ends up being one of the most watched Sunday Night Football games of all-time.

Wickersham’s book, which releases on Oct. 12, gives a behind the scenes look on the Patriots nearly two decade long dynasty.

One part of the book that was released early tells a story of how Belichick did not meet with Brady in-person before Brady left for Tampa Bay. The book claims that Brady called Belichick for one final meeting, but apparently Belichick was busy and could not.

Naturally, Belichick claimed the story was a bunch of hogwash, but it only added fuel to the fire.

In the Buccaneers’ first drive of the game, Brady threw for only 14 yards and ended up punting. Then, during their second drive, after a few short completions totaling 26 yards, Brady threw a pass to star wide receiver Mike Evans for 28 yards — breaking the record. Brady ended the game with 269 yards.

He also holds the record for most passing touchdowns with 591, and just last week Brady became the most sacked quarterback in NFL history being sacked for his 528th time on Sunday. I mean you can’t have a Tom Brady story without slandering him a little bit, right?

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