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If you haven’t watched the time-traveling adventures of The Doctor, you are missing out.

It is a new semester which means new classes, new homework, but most of all the need for new shows to watch. Maybe you’ve watched “The Office” ten too many times and want to broaden your horizons, or maybe you are just out of shows to watch this time of year.

Lucky for you because you opened The Spectrum on a perfect day. A nice little list of some of the best binge-able shows for your convenience is here.

“Black Sails,” “Euphoria,” “Lucifer,” “Good Omens” and “The Good Place” will not be mentioned as they were listed in a previous binge-worthy shows list. They are still binge-worthy and you don’t want to miss them, but here are some more shows if you have watched all of them.

‘Doctor Who’

If you are a science-fiction fan and don’t watch “Doctor Who,” you are missing out on one of the greatest and longest-running television programs. It has been on for 57 years and continues to wow its audience.

It follows the adventures of the timelord known as The Doctor as they travel through time in a police telephone box named the TARDIS. They travel to different time periods and different planets, saving lives and solving mysteries.

With The Doctor are an assortment of fun and quirky side characters that help ground The Doctor in their darkest hours.

Now 57 years may sound like a long time, but the great thing about “Doctor Who” is that every few years they change the entire cast, even The Doctor, so each era could be a perfect jumping-on point.

Most recommend starting with the ninth doctor, as he kicked off the reboot/continuation in 2005. It can all be found on Amazon Prime and soon to be HBO Max.

The Classic Doctor Who, everything before 2005, is harder to track down, so start by watching New Who, everything after 2005 and 12 seasons worth so far, and get hooked before going on a mission to track down Classic.

You’ll be glad you watched it as it is a crucial part of science-fiction and will have you engaged for years to come. Everyone has their favorite Doctor and you soon will too. 


What is better than a workplace comedy set in a fictional version of Walmart? Nothing.

Superstore is a workplace comedy like no other that will have you laughing and reeling all the way through. Currently on its fifth season, it tackles real-world topics and makes you laugh along the way.

The cast of characters is very interesting and unique from each other. Each delivers their own comedic flair to the show.

If you don’t watch “Superstore,” you are really missing out on one of the best television comedies since “The Office.” Every season can be found on Hulu. If you give it a shot you will surely fall in love.

‘Miracle Workers’

Starring industry greats Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, this comedy is truly out of this world. It paints heaven as a company instead of the mythical and spiritual nature we are told about.

Heaven is a company that runs Earth with various departments devoted to various aspects of Earth-like animals, clouds and even miracles. 

All is running well until Steve Buscemi, who plays God, decides it is time to end Earth. A race against time ensures as the miracle department, consisting of two members, must cause a miracle if they are to save Earth.

It is a very self-aware and interesting take on the Divine. You can find it on Hulu.

‘The Witcher’

After “Game of Thrones” ended, fantasy fans were left without a show to fill the void. That is where Netflix’s “The Witcher” comes in.

Starring Henry Cavill as the titular character, Geralt of Rivia, this show adapts the best-selling Polish book series in glorious fashion. Enter a world of monsters and mayhem.

Currently, only one glorious season has graced the streaming service with another planned for next year as well as an animated film set in the universe.

If you are a fan of fantasy shows you need to check this out, as you will absolutely fall in love. You can find it on Netflix.

There are so many other shows that are great. This is a glorious age for television. However you can only watch so many shows at one time and you need to do your schoolwork first, apparently.

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