Another three courts should be added to the NDSU Wellness Center

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
Does anyone really need the parking lot at the Wellness Center?

It’s time for saving on parking tickets as well as being more fit here at NDSU

You know how there is never enough room on the courts for you to play basketball, volleyball or badminton? Yeah, I know that, and I will be the first to inform you that NDSU will be getting a few more courts.

Us students need to be hitting the courts. We need to be able to play games on the courts. None of us want to wait 30 minutes for someone to get off the court. NDSU has a whole parking lot that they can turn into more room for basketball or volleyball.

Turn the Wellness parking lot into a few courts or a few more gyms. That way, students will not be getting charged a ridiculous price when they have to park at the Wellness Center. The students can freeze on their walk to the gym.

Besides, there will be more room for us to warm up in the gyms with no parking lot. None of us want to be overweight. So, let’s just make everyone walk to the Wellness Center and add a few more courts to the big gym upstairs.

I’m sure NDSU can afford it, right? We pay how much to go here? 

Exactly, we should at least be able to have a few more courts so we don’t have to wait around. While we’re waiting around, who knows, maybe we will eat snacks and then end up puking on one of the three courts.

Uh-oh, then the faculty will have to close down one court because of the puke. Now they’re down to two courts and the cycle continues.

I don’t want to see any more people becoming overweight because of not enough gym or court space. Nor do I want to see any more people getting a parking ticket. NDSU, just add a few more basketball courts and we will be in better shape and have more money.

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