Another Side of Sia

Let’s face it: Not a single person alive during 2014 and 2015 could escape the powerful vocals of Sia in her most popular song, “Chandelier.”

Radios played it constantly, singers tried replicating its goose-bump inspiring chorus and dancers choreographed ambitious dances in an effort to portray the raw emotion in her song. That song was more widespread than snow in January.

Since the success of her album 2014 “1000 Forms of Fear,” Sia hasn’t let her creative momentum slacken.

Performer Sia’s recent release includes songs written for other musicians.

On January 29, Sia’s album “This is Acting” was released to the public, preceded only by pre-released singles like “Alive” and “Bird Set Free.”

Sia’s newest album is quite different from her previous work. All of the songs she wrote for other artists, not intending to sing them herself. As a listener progresses through the well crafted album, it’s interesting to try and decipher which songs were intended for which artists.

Slow, emotional ballads like “Space Between” and even “Alive” could be for Adele and her powerful vocal cords. Another song, the fast moving and rhythmic “Move Your Body” has all the makings of a hip-shaking Shakira song. Records like “Reaper” and “Cheap Thrills” have a vibe that bring up visions of R&B artists like Rihanna or Beyoncé.

Even though all of the songs are reminiscent of other artists’ styles, this album works because Sia puts effort into every word with all the emotional backing necessary.

She sings the words with her signature vocal style and unique way of verbal cadence. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to hear what Sia is articulating in her songs, but her lack of clarity is made up for by the strong beats and striking notes.

Any person who takes up listening to Sia’s newest album will definitely not regret listening to the Australian artist as she endeavors outside of her comfort zone.

If this is what is produced when Sia sings out of her bed of roses, then I can only imagine what the future holds for her career.

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