Fargo Fashion| How to Not Wear Sweatpants All Winter

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Looking good in the winter is possible.

Looking good in the winter is possible. Ladies, there are many retailers in the area that carry some cozy and fashionable sweaters, cardigans and even flannels. You can have the best of both worlds, and you can do it while wearing leggings.

Waking up to a cold room is not easy to get used to, and usually people, normally college students, will throw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants and call it good for the day.

Walking around campus, it is very obvious that the wardrobes change drastically as the weather does, but this does not have to be the case.


Stretchy pants, i.e. leggings, are every girl’s best friend, so why not make them look good and make yourself look good as well?

Leggings are the most functional pair of pants you can wear in the fall and wintertime. They are stretchy, warm and look good with a pair of booties and a cute sweater. Also, you can wear them with almost any color that you feel like.

Scarves and sweaters

Name a better duo? Yes, sweaters are warm, but they only cover so much.

This is where scarves come in. Here in North Dakota, the wind is unbearably cold, so having some extra neck warmth is necessary most days.

Accessorizing with a cute scarf never did anything but good to a person’s outfits. Places like Target, Forever 21 and even Scheels have some great fall options for stylish and warm scarves that you can throw on over almost anything.

Another unique way to utilize a scarf is by turning it into a cover-up or a wrap, that way you can have an acceptable blanket with you everywhere you go.

Messy bun

Doing your hair in the winter can be a drag. It will either get messed by snow or you will somehow manage to put a hat on and ruin your perfectly curled hair, which is just a tragedy.

Messy buns in the winter, and especially fall, should be a main go-to hairstyle. Messy buns take a total of two minutes (if you want the perfect “messy” bun) or less.

One way to make messy buns look even more put together is to leave some loose hairs in the front to add some more style to the look, but also not consume too much time.

Pants vs. shorts

And to the guys reading, jeans are warmer. It’s just a fact. Wearing basketball shorts and sweatpants every day is not excusable just because it is cold out and you are too lazy to wake up early.

Wearing jeans will not hurt you. One benefit of being a guy is being able to wear a sweatshirt at all times (even if sweaters and scarves would be cuter). Just swap out the sweatpants for a pair of jeans or some nice khakis and you already look more put together. You’ll also be warmer in pants because they do a better job of blocking out the wind.

If you’re really feeling edgy, some black jeans are never a bad idea either. Some girls love it.

All of these things can help you look both cute and comfy while you sit in those 8 a.m. classes wishing you were wrapped in a blanket. Instead, you can be all cozy while wrapped up in your blanket scarf and fluffy sweater. Yes boys, you can wear sweaters and scarves too; they do exist.

Looking stylish in the winter does not have to be a struggle.

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