5th Annual NDSU Press Party

An official launch for recently published books by the NDSU Press

An NDSU Press exhibit showcasing Pacing Dakota at the Main Library at NDSU.

Not only will this be the Press’ 5th annual launch party, but also their 70th anniversary. The event will be free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided along with access to a cash bar. There will be live music performed by Cat Sank Trio and door prizes. Books published by the NDSU University Press will be available for purchase at the event and online at their website or on Amazon.

Titles to be officially launched at the Press Party will be, Stringing Rosaries, Sons of the Wild Jackass, Girl on a Float, Harvest Widows, The Mammals of North Dakota and Pacing Dakota. The Mammals of North Dakota will be the second edition and Pacing Dakota will be an audio version. 

Dr. Suzzanne Kelley, the NDSU Press’ editor in chief, said in an interview that the University Press was created with “only four faculty members and (at the beginning) had two missions, publishing and archives.” In the early years of the Press, one to two books a year were published and responsibilities were rotated amongst faculty of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Since the official hiring of Dr. Kelley to be in charge of the Press, the Press now publishes six to ten books a year and has a variety of series like Contemporary Voices, Heritage Guides and regionally based nonfiction and fiction. Along with the yearly POPP award that’s published as a chapbook.

According to the NDSU Press Party Release, the event is being held on Thursday, March 5, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. It will be in the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center located at 1241 University Dr. N, Fargo, North Dakota 58102.

If you are passionate about the Press and want to show your support for its ongoing mission-to give a voice and publish regional voices, come to the Press Party.

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