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You know what time of the semester it is: It’s around the time where you begin to wonder where the first week went and why you feel like you are drowning in assignments as your next exam is right around the corner. Don’t worry; you are not alone with this feeling.

It is around this time that it is good to have a reminder to take a break from studying, and YouTube videos are the perfect reward for a great study session. They are quick, entertaining and free — the holy trinity of college life.

Thankfully, if you aren’t quite sure where to start in your YouTube adventures (and don’t want to get sucked into an endless cycle of cat videos), Pinterest has many lists to help you sort it out.

These five YouTube Channels have something that almost everyone can enjoy. However, it won’t guarantee that you won’t still end up watching an endless cycle of cat videos.

1. Snarled

A combination of funny, weird and downright scary sometimes, the crew behind Snarled is constantly releasing quality content that is anything but boring.

If you are into horror/scary things, I recommend their “Dark 5” videos, or “Something Scary with Sapphire,” which tell real stories as well as those derived from fairy tales, “Creepypasta” and folklore.

If those are too scary for your liking, they also have “Gym Brat” and “Speed Drawing Art” videos that are more on the relaxed side of the spectrum.

2. Jacksepticeye

“Positive Mental Attitude” is this year’s motto of Jacksepticeye. He is a well-known Irish gaming YouTuber.

Jacksepticeye loves to create a positive community around his videos, so whether you are watching his let’s plays, vlogs or participating in a charity livestream, there is a lot to love about this Youtuber.

3. Screen Junkies

Movies and television shows more your speed? Screen Junkies produces three main shows: “The Screen Junkies,” “Honest Trailers” and “Movie Fights.”

The Honest Trailers, which are parodies of various movies and television shows, never fail to make me laugh. Screen Junkies is ultimately a great YouTube channel to watch when you only have a few minutes of free time.

4. Shirley Curry

You wouldn’t know it from her channel name, but Shirley Curry is known on the internet as the Gaming Grandma.

She mainly makes videos of her character’s adventures in the game Skyrim (with her current character known as “Broud the Brave”), but she has also tried other games such as “Fallout 4” and “ARK: Survival Evolved.”

Grandma Curry, as most of her fan base lovingly calls her, enjoys making videos for her “grandkids,” as she refers to her viewers. Her videos are calming and great to listen to when you need some help de-stressing from the day.

5. The Brain Scoop

This is an educational YouTube channel hosted by Emily Graslie.

The Brain Scoop has several interesting videos that range from topics that pose the argument for why we should save parasites to answering the question of why King Tut’s head was flat.

With videos that are generally short and informative, The Brain Scoop can become addictive with the new information you learn.

If you love to learn, you will love The Brain Scoop.

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