You Will Survive Finals Week

Before finals are here, we have a small amount of time to catch our breath and prepare for what our entire semesters have lead up to. You will survive finals week.

This is an amazingly stressful time for everyone. Although it may seem impossible at this very moment, I promise, as someone who has done it, you will live. Summer is right around the corner. You have worked this hard and it will pay off.

Dead week is here. We have a small amount of time before finals start. We have all been studying for months now. Eyes straining from staring at our computer screens. Arms cramping from writing equations. Chegg drained of any useful solutions. This is college.

Where our struggle gets noticed though is our finals. Our final assignments and how we choose to end out the semester.

No matter your performance up to this point, you can end out the semester strong. You can do well on your finals.

My study advice

Forget your friends for a moment. None of your friends can come and take the test with you. I promise you, although it is nice, your friends will only distract you. You will get your best studying done alone.

Forget ridiculous study schedules. Don’t drown yourself in studying. You aren’t going to study for 12 hours a day. Instead, give yourself time every day to study a subject and master it.

Reward yourself. Take some time for yourself. Try to take at least an hour for reading, social time or outdoor activities. This will help you relax and take a deep breath. Nothing can get done if you are a nervous wreck.

Remember that you signed up for this. This is the life choice you have made. I promise you that after a week or two of summer you will miss all the deadlines, all the hustle and bustle that is life in college. Be happy you can accomplish what you set out to do and take pride in your studying. This is the rest of your life.

Finals are hard. They are supposed to be hard, but you have worked hard. Long nights studying. Long days of going to class and dragging around a heavy backpack have not been for nothing. Good luck to everyone on their finals. We are so close to being done

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