You Are Invited to a Party — A Mario Party

After his long tenure in the video game industry, Mario is returning with ‘Mario Party: The Top 100 Games.’

Who is ready for a party? “Mario Party: The Top 100 Games” by Nintendo will be coming out tomorrow, Nov. 10.

“Mario Party: The Top 100 Games” brings with it, as the title implies, 100 of the best Mario Party games from the previous 14 titles.

There will be many different mini-games to enjoy, and playing with friends is going to be easy. All you need is one person to have a game card and three fun people who appreciate goofy challenges.

If there is no one to play with, there is also a single player mode where your completion of challenges will get you more mini-games to add to your collection to be played later.

In all, there are eight different characters that will be playable including the lesser known (at least to a Mario newbie like myself) Rosalina. Maybe even Donkey Kong, who was hinted at in the trailer, will make an appearance.

Like in all Mario games, there will be ways to gain more lives so that you can continue having a good time.

In this instance, there are little statues that show up on the game map called amiibo. By clicking on one of these statues, you will be given another life or another type of reward.

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