‘X3’ Star Wars Mod Allows Piloting of Many Different Star Wars Ships

Have you ever wanted to soar through the vast emptiness of space in the famous T-65 X-Wing? How about ominously pondering toward a defenseless space station in an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer?

The Star Wars Mod Reborn for “X3: Terran Conflict” by Egosoft is nothing too special when it comes to mods. It doesn’t, to my knowledge after playing for 147 hours, add anything new to the base game’s mechanics and ways of conquering the universe.

It does, however, add and replace ships from the X series universe with quality models of ships from the Star Wars universe. The addition of excellent music from Star Wars adds to the mod as well.

The different factions in the base game are replaced with ones taken from Star Wars like Imperials, Rebel Alliance, Mandalorians, Jedi and more.

Everyone’s experience will start the same. Depending on which character you choose, you will have anywhere from one to a couple ships that will carry out your orders. You will start out broke and will need to do missions to increase your status and add to the stacks of cash you will desperately need to fuel your rise to the top.

Trading is necessary for this game and with its advanced and complex trading system, you can hire cargo ships to remotely find the best deals and sell for the highest price.

For instance, in my current game, I own five traders who go to all of the sectors that I have explored, and they earn me a nice chunk of credits. I wish the universe was kind and I could just trade my way to the top.

Sadly, that isn’t the case.

Between pirates, the alien Xenon (not yet modded for Star Wars) and any of the factions that do not desire closer relations, I must protect what is mine and strike back with as much force as I can muster.

So having a war fleet is necessary.

For warships, I currently own one Quasar Class bulk cruiser which acts as a carrier that can carry thirty fighters into combat. I only wish I had the max fighters it could hold. I also currently own two T-70 X-Wings and five B-Wings. Both X-Wings are fully upgraded and ready for combat, but only one is ready to fight. My current goal in the game is to fully upgrade and equip all my current fighters before I go and buy more.

“X3: Terran Conflict” has many more mods that enhance the gameplay experience, but I have yet to get to any because I haven’t even mastered the Star Wars one. If you have the urge to play as an intergalactic empire while using ships from the Star Wars universe to achieve your goals, I suggest you buy “X3: Terran Conflict” and download this mod.

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