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Writer’s Choice: Take a Field Trip Off Campus

Remember elementary school?

Those blissful days of coloring, forced naps and recess may be over, but all is not lost! This week, try rekindling your childhood by going on your own field trip to a place you may never have been before.

Monday: “Cosmic Colors: An Adventure Along the Spectrum”

What is better than an Extreme Screen? How about one that mimics the open sky, surrounding the audience in its picture?

The MSUM Planetarium hosts more than just astronomy shows. It also offers a range of other films and presentations about different areas. “Cosmic Colors: An Adventure Along the Spectrum” takes viewers through the universe, explaining everything from why the sky is blue to how plants get their green hues. It might be a little repetitive for college students, but at $2.50, there is not much to lose.

The show starts at 7 p.m. The MSUM Planetarium is at Bridges 167, and the address is 1104 Seventh Ave. S. in Moorhead.

Tuesday: Plains Art Museum’s “Bakken Boom!” 

It seems like the oil rush is in the news every other day. Get a different perspective of this industry at this months-long exhibition at the Plains Art Museum. Featuring 22 visual artists, three artistic collaborations and pieces from the permanent collection, this show is designed to challenge our perception of the boom. Stop by between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m.

As always, students get free entry at the Plains Art Museum, located at 704 First Ave N., Fargo.

Wednesday: “Art + Music” with Marjorie Schlossman and Margie Bailly

Doodling and listening to classical music are great ways to relieve stress. So what happens when the two are combined? Come and see for yourself at this interesting performance, part of the monthlong BeethovenFest.

Violinst Marjorie Schlossman and pianist Margie Bailly will be performing pieces by Beethoven while audience members are given oil pastels, graphite, markers and colored pencils to create their own art. Best of all, this is free!

The show starts at noon at the Plains Art Museum.

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