Winter storm blasts through the country

Cut: Snow piles line sections of campus

Winter has arrived as the sky dumped snow on many parts on the country

As many were enjoying a Thanksgiving feast on Nov. 28, Mother Nature decided the holiday weekend would be the perfect time for a snowstorm. Not only were the Dakota’s hit with this recent storm, but other parts of the country as well were leaving busy travelers stranded as flights were canceled and roads were closed.

After the storm moved through the West and Midwest at the beginning of one of the busiest travel weekends, it slowly made its way to the Northeast where schools closed and many braced for the storm that was expected to last until Dec. 3.

For the Northeast, this was the first major snowstorm of the season as the bomb cyclone reached the region near the end of the holiday weekend.

According to CBS News, the storm hit more than 30 states spanning from Oregon to Maine. New York received 30 inches of snow in some areas delaying over 14,000 flights at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Flights were canceled and delayed throughout Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver as well, while some airlines, such as American Airlines and Delta, offered the stranded passengers travel waivers.

Sydney Wilkie, a North Dakota State University student, was among many flustered travelers as she had to reschedule her flight from Sacramento, California to Minneapolis. When asked if she received a travel waiver, Wilkie said, “I had trip flex so I just changed it through the airline and had to pay the difference.”

Flights weren’t the only issue travelers faced as the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, declared a state of emergency and called up 300 members of the National Guard to help with snow removal as there were 740 reported accidents in New York alone.

CBS News reported this was the most deployed National Guard members in five years, though Cuomo remained positive as he stated, “We’re tough, we’ve seen it all, we can handle it all.”

In the Midwest, many drivers ended up in ditches as first responders tried to keep up with all of the accidents. According to the Inforum, a no travel advisory was placed on south-central and northeastern North Dakota and was lifted after the worst part of the storm passed on Dec. 1.

Fargo got nine inches of snow as crews worked endlessly to clear the roads through the heavy wet snow made their job harder.

As some regions of the country got snow, other parts received heavy rain and wind. In California, a new storm was expected to bring several feet of snow to the mountains along with rain and gusty winds over the weekend bringing the threat of mudslides.

New York wasn’t the only state to declare a state of emergency as residents and tourists in Tusayan, Arizona were left without power and heat after the storm hit their state. On Nov. 30, Tusayan’s Mayor, Cynthia Sellhammer told The Hill that the power was restored to 500 residents and 500 tourists early in the morning.

The recent storm turned deadly as there have been numerous reported deaths throughout the country. In Arizona, two children were killed when their vehicle was swept away when they crossed an overflooded creek. Though six other people were rescued from the car, a six-year-old girl is still missing.

Three people from Missouri drowned when floodwaters carried their cars off the road while nine people were reported dead after their plane crashed in Chamberlain, South Dakota.

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