Winter Skin Care From a Professional Standpoint


Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
Ulta’s skin care department has multiple types of products for different skin type.

The harsh winter weather that we all dread will soon be upon us. Have you stocked up on lotions, moisturizer and lip balms? It is that time of the year again when we must give some extra attention to our skin in protecting it against all the harshness of winter.

Cold weather is certainly not our friend when it comes to our skin. The dry air from cold temperatures and low humidity drains moisture from our skin minute by minute. Heating systems also tend to dry us out. Thus, we need to protect our skin and heal it from the constant damage.

In search for some skin care advice, I went to Ulta located in Fargo and spoke with Kemi Soyomokun, a freelance sales representative for DERMAdoctor LLC, which is a skincare brand at Ulta.

Janet Tumaini (JT): What kind of ingredients should one look for in products?

Kemi Soyomokun (KS): Natural, hydrating ingredients like chamomile, which helps to soothe, and aloe vera,which softens and heals. In general, look for water-based products because they absorb quickly and (are) less likely to clog pores.

JT: What are some products you know that are good and gentle to the skin?

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
DERMAdoctor brings Calm, Cool & Corrected products.

KS: DERMAdoctor’s very own Calm, Cool & Corrected Tranquility cream and cleanser are some great products, which are non-irritating and non-drying. They help improve the appearance of redness, soothes and hydrates and gently rejuvenates sensitive, rosy or rosacea-prone skin. If on a budget, Sephora, Ulta and Macy’s offer samples on almost everything, so do take advantage of that. Look for oil free moisturizers – Neutrogena has an excellent water-based moisturizer: Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel.

JT: What are some tips for anyone looking to up their skin care routine?

KS: It really depends on what product you are using … Again do some research on what skin care products would work for your particular skin type … There are YouTubers who are knowledgeable. Or even just googling to see what matches most to your skin and, if possible, a dermatologist or beauty consultant. Always protect with SPF … For dry skin, exfoliate and consider hyaluronic serum if you moisturize often, but dry up shortly. It is best to apply moisturizers and lotions when (you get) out the shower since pores are open and absorb quickly then. Remember to treat your skin at night to oils and serums.

JT: Are there any good brands you recommend?

KS: There is DERMAdoctor which is on the higher end … First Aid Beauty is a very affordable brand here at Ulta. Mario Badescu is another really good skin care brand … We also have a selection of great Korean beauty brands.

Janet Tumaini| THE SPECTRUM
First Aid Beauty products are affordable and good for your skin.

JT: What are the do’s and don’ts?

KS: For do’s and don’ts, everyone should definitely moisturize … Do moisturize even if you have oily skin and tend to avoid it because it makes you oilier or breaks you out. You just have to do a little more research on what works for your skin type … Don’t over exfoliate … two to three times a week is perfect, but it also depending on what kind of products you use for exfoliation. Make sure to always read the directions and ingredients because sometimes the formula contains tiny crystals which are okay for use more than once a week, but then there’s also formulas which contain chemicals which means that there are a deep form of exfoliation and only for use once a week.

I know I sometimes struggle with knowing how much or how often is enough for a deep clean of the pores. Be aware of chemical ingredients in exfoliators because they can weaken and tear your skin cells in a time of need.

The fight against dryness, chapping, redness, itching and keeping skin healthier and radiant is certainly not an easy one, but we must take time and treat our skin every now and then. Remember to pack some lip balms as well as some lotion wherever you go and to stay hydrated.

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