Winter fashion trends

How to look stylish wearing layers

Stay warm and stylish this winter with these trends.

Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are back and booming! According to fashion magazine, Marie Claire, puffer jackets are a must have item in your winter wardrobe. Not only are they lightweight but they are also more than sufficient in the supply of warmth—all that puff really insulates! Puffer jackets have received criticism over the years as some see them as unsightly, but it’s 2019 and they are better than ever with bright colors and fun prints! 

Motorcycle Boots

Fashion magazine, Bazaar, listed the top winter trends of this year and motorcycle boots are among one of them. Also referred to as moto’s, motorcycle boots are trending because they have attitude. Bazaar described them with the attitude “We’re not here to play”. So if that’s how your feeling this winter, these are the boots for you!


Capes aren’t just for superhero’s and Halloween; they’re also for the runway! Bazaar says capes are “a dose of the unexpected”. The magazine suggests pairing it with a sheer top over a bralette. Capes were a popular fashion trend in the 1960’s. No matter how you dress it, you’ll be sure to make a statement!


Plaid appears to be a trend that is never dying, and this winter, it is still very much alive! Luckily most people already have plaid in there closet, (even if it is an old school uniform) so if you do, go ahead and get it out!

Long coats

This winter is all about making an entrance, and with floor sweeping coats you’ll do just that! Bazaar suggests pairing it with a gold chain necklace to finish off the look. The plus to this trend is that you don’t have to think about your outfit underneath, the coat is the outfit!

Itty bitty bags

A trend that started earlier this year is continuing into this winter, tiny bags. According to fashion magazine, Elle, a small structured bag is the statement of the season. Elle recommends picking a tiny bag with a pattern of snake skin or leather, as these two patterns are also trending; and if you think the itty bitty bag fad is ridiculous, that’s kind of the point! Something called the “Bitty Bag” has been created to hold something as small as one singular air pod, and according to Elle, the absurdity is just part of the charm.

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