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Why Spring is the Season of all Seasons

Whenever we approach this time of year, I imagine myself rushing out of the house to enjoy the outdoor activities. As winter seems to bid farewell and the days become warmer and brighter, my winter blues melt away. With the increasing of temperature, my mood gets even better.

In the northern hemisphere, the first day of spring is the day of the year when the Sun crosses celestial equator moving northward — around March 20.

For anyone who has survived Fargo’s icy winters, the months of March and April seem to provide relief and happiness. The melting of snow, the fresh breeze and the sunny weather make me forget all my wor­ries and enjoy life to the maximum.

The blossoming flowers, lavish green gardens, clear blue sky, chirping of the birds and bees buzzing urges me to gaze forever. I believe that this season gives birth to new ideas, refreshing plans and cheerful thoughts to my mind, no matter what situation I am stuck in.

I think there is a lot more to enjoy in spring than summer because spring is nei­ther too hot nor too cold. It is just perfect. I find great pleasure in walking along the streets with my friends, feeling the gust of airflow and smelling its freshness. Opening the locked windows to the outside and lis­tening to the birds tweet. It gets my day off to a good start.

The spring season is regarded as a car­rier of love, too. Scientifically, it is the best time for new beginnings and spending qual­ity time with buddies. But for me, it is a time to make adventurous plans for the upcoming days.

At this period of the season, I look for­ward to the semester ending as early as pos­sible, so I can relish in the appealing beauty of the nature. Apart from the mental and physical change in my mindset, I also notice differences in my eating and sleeping habits.

Switching from dried fruits and oily, high calorie winter cravings to ice creams, fruit juices and mixed veggies with hot spices, salads and less fatty food. Earlier, I couldn’t wake myself up before I could see the bright day outside. But now with the days getting clearer so early, I spring out of the bed be­fore my alarm vibrates.

And one can see a drastic transition in clothing styles — from heavy layered jack­ets, mittens, woolen caps and sweatshirts to multicolor sweaters, skinny jeans and a lot of floral print dresses.

My impression of this season is that it is amongst the most colorful and beautiful seasons. Everything is just amazing! So, un­ravel from the discomforts of winter season and relax and find pleasure in the oncoming alluring season.

Shaurya is a senior majoring in comput­er engineering.

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