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Why I Am Proud to be Indian

I feel proud when I am asked to introduce myself in a foreign nation. Not because I am a unique personality or a celebrity, but because my home country makes me feel special. Originally, I belong to the state of Punjab, though I was born and raised in the capital city of India, that is, New Delhi.

India is undoubtedly the second largest populous country in the world, with the most diverse mix of races. You can observe diversity in cultures, religions, languages, music, food, dances and customs. With such an amalgamation in everything, there still exists unity amongst the people of India.

I believe that India has made a rapid progress in the past few years, with a sudden rise in its economy. From my childhood days to the current scenario, I have noticed drastic changes in various technologies, transport and education systems, communication and lifestyle of the people.

I still remember—it was in 2011—when I first sat in Delhi Metro. Today, the project has rapidly developed, expanding to many metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi and Hyderabad.

The only aspect that hasn’t changed much in many years, which distinguishes it from the other nations, is its harsh political system. Although it is the largest democracy in the world, politics in India is much rougher than in other nations.

Currently, the Indian parliamentary elections have begun. And as usual, the general elections are always a reflection of the complexities of India. At present, India is facing many problems, the biggest being communalism.

Communal and caste tensions continue to haunt Indian politics. But in spite of the malpractices and tactics in the political system, India remains a lively and spirited functioning democracy. Despite it all, people try to live in harmony and brotherhood. It is this aspect of Indian culture that is most important to me.

Having a population with multilingual dialects, variety in food categorized as North and South Indian with liberal use of herbs and spices, ancient architecture and the traditional clothing makes India unique.

The basic traditional wears are the sari and salwar-kameez for women and kurta, sherwani for men. This clothing style has gained prominence in world fashion as well. However, the western influence did change the clothing style of youngsters of India, but the traditional dress has an unmistakable place in the life of Indians.

Indians are very spiritual and practice numerous religious beliefs. I don’t preach one religion, but all. There is no official religion for the country rather a religion of humanity that offers a base to worship any religion.

In addition to this, the education system in my home country is the second largest in the world. With a mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge, the emphasis is made on high and modern levels of teaching. After coming to the US in 2012, I perceived few differences in the two systems. But I am glad to get the flavor of both.

Furthermore, Indians are crazy about two things: cricket matches and Bollywood movies. I assume this is an addiction for most people.

India is a country with unity in diversity. Regardless of the struggle in every aspect, it continues to grow and stand amongst the fast-developing nations.

Shaurya is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Computer Science.

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