Wellness Center to add extra weight room

Say goodbye to the basketball courts ladies and gents

Get your last glimpses at this. It won’t be here 5 months from now.

If you thought the Wellness Center couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong. North Dakota State President Dean Bresciani has decided to completely remove the basketball courts from the Wellness Center. Before you freak out, just wait to hear what’s going to be added.

There’s going to be another weight room added, taking up the entire vicinity of where the three courts currently are. This is going to heavily reduce the crowdedness that can take place in the Wellness Center seemingly every day.

Now, people don’t have to dive into a zoo of others when trying to get a lift in. This new weight room is going to be bigger than the one on the lower level, with many new weights and workouts to choose from.

With this new addition, the Wellness Center will have three different locations in which you can lift. These locations are on the lower level, the small area on the second level next to all the treadmills and now where the courts once were. NDSU, where kids like to get swole, so we need an excess amount of weights to lift.

There’s going to be a special material on the new floor made for the largest impact. This means people can drop the heaviest weights at the maximum height. For all you hardcore deadlifters, feel free to let it all out. Finally, a place you can call your second home.

You might be thinking: “What about the court inside the boards with a hockey rink shaped floor where kids always play soccer?” That’s essentially just going to stay there, but strictly for soccer. They figured because it’s the only place to play indoor soccer that it would be dedicated for that purpose and that purpose only. So, for all you soccer fans, you’re not out of luck. To add to this, there only “Wonderwall” will be playing the entire time.

For the few of you that play basketball at the Wellness Center, you’re not out of luck either. Well, maybe a little bit. You can still play at the Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse, but only when there’s not organized practices or classes taking place.

I’m just letting you know, that’s a very small window of opportunity, so you might want to plan accordingly. You’re only screwed until it gets nice out. Then you can play outside on the courts right by North and South Weible.

This construction is set to take place in summer 2019, so in about three months. It will take a majority of the summer, but should ultimately be done by late August, right around the time school starts.

Sorry to anyone who likes to play basketball during the summer. If you can’t handle this, you might want to look into memberships at the local YMCA. Enjoy these last few months playing free basketball as much as you can because it’s not going to be of easy access after June this year.

I must say, we really do need another weight room. There’s not nearly enough weights to supply the amount of people that enter the Wellness Center every day, and this will change that. For basketball players, it sucks, but it’s making necessary sacrifices for the greater good of the community.

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