Want or need?

Don’t feel pressured to get a new phone

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Many buy a new iPhone for no good reason without a second thought.

I’ve never been the person to keep up with new technology. It might be the way I was raised or just me not understanding the hype surrounding the newest gadget. I was always taught when thinking about buying something new to really think if it’s a need or a want, and that might be the reason why I just don’t keep up with new technology trends. 

The new iPhone just came out and when I heard the price tag on it, my mouth dropped to the floor. I can’t imagine just dropping $1,200 on a phone, especially being a college student. It’s not like this phone can do everything for you, I don’t see the problem with my iPhone 8+ when it probably does all the same things that the 12 does. So, in my opinion, there is no need for a new phone if the one you already have works just fine. 

A lot of my friends keep up with new technology, like the new AirPods or they always upgrade their phones every time a new one comes out. Sometimes I feel a little envious of them, but then I remember I have more important things to spend my money on, like rent or tuition. 

After learning where unwanted or damaged electronics go in my media and social change class, it makes me wonder where my friends are recycling their old electronics or if they are recycling them at all. I watched a video for class showing where some recycled technology goes, and it’s truly frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time.

If you are more curious about where the “recycled” technology goes I highly suggest watching on Youtube “The Dark Side of Electronic Waste Recycling.” In my opinion that video is very eye-opening and will show you the true side of electronic recycling.

Seeing people who run these technology recycling companies take advantage of people that are trying to do the right thing when all they want is to make money without helping the environment is really disheartening.

Make sure when you recycle your old technology that it’s going to a reputable place and you know they are doing things ethically. The environmental impact that happens when you just throw away your phone is huge. Just like tires, you’ll have to pay to recycle your old technology but you’re doing the earth a favor so don’t be a Karen about it.

I am not against getting new technology, but I feel like there shouldn’t be so much pressure on people to keep up with it. Every time I buy something that is a little more pricey or it feels like an impulse-buy; I stop and think if I actually need it or if it’s just a want.

I read an article a couple of months ago about how if something doesn’t bring you joy in your closet, then you should donate it. So maybe, you could use this when deciding if you should buy a new electronic. Ask yourself if it will bring you joy or if you are just wasting your money to keep up with the Jones’.

Maybe if you are feeling the need to get that new phone or those new AirPods, think to yourself if you actually need that or if you are content with what you have already. Another thing you could think to yourself is what that money could go towards in the future besides an unnecessary new phone. 

Obviously, it’s your choice if that’s the one thing you splurge on, go for it, be my guest. But, if you feel like you are trying to scramble up some extra cash to keep up with the new technology trend for something you don’t need, save it for something that will bring you more joy in your life instead of the second of satisfaction you get from a new phone. 

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