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Pete Tefft says the censorship of free speech is the biggest problem in our society today. He also said the Alt-Right and himself are often portrayed in a bad light. Therefore, he was given the opportunity to answer the following questions so the students of North Dakota State can make judgments for themselves.

Tefft recorded this conversation for his followers online. He introduced himself as a pro-white activist and a member of NSM — National Socialist Movement (a neo-Nazi political party based in the United States). After the introduction, he was asked the following questions.

Dan Ukkelberg (DU): Are you a part of any nationalist groups? Or is there any certain group you identify yourself with?

Pete Tefft (PT): That is a great question. I guess people would say that the Alt-Right is an all-encompassing, sort of umbrella header for a lot of groups. I personally am a member of the National Socialist Movement, which is the premier civil rights organization in America. We believe that white people, you know, deserve equal protection under the law, so we monitor civil rights cases and do activism to bring awareness to those types of situations. But we work closely with other pro-white organizations as well.

DU: What do you think is the biggest problem in society today?

PT: The biggest problem in society as of today is the censorship of free speech. Just like when the telephone became a necessity for people and the government made it a utility. The fact that Trump has to go on the Twitter and tell people the truth when fake news is lying to us and when pro-white activists and pro-Trump advocates go on there, we are censored and we are shadow banned (blocking a user’s account and their content from the rest of users) and we are throttled and our views on Trump and everything else doesn’t get out there; people aren’t getting the full picture.

DU: Do you associate with a political party? If so, which one?

PT: That is a great question. One thing I like to mention to young folks, but I also like to remind people that one of the most time-honored traditions in America is the secret ballot so I don’t like to necessarily talk (about) who I (voted for), you know. Sometimes I might tell someone that I voted for Jill Stein just to see what they might say to someone that is in the Green Party. One could make an argument that the National Socialists in Germany were the original Green Party, but I don’t want to get into a history lesson here. As far as me lining up, right now, I think that the most important thing is with demographic change and the urgency that we need to address the immigration issue. Whatever party is going to talk about identity and be pro-white is the party that I am going to align with.

DU: Do you believe that there is a superior race? If so, why?

PT: No, I do not. There is no objective way to measure any one race over the other. There are so many different variables. Many, quote races, that’s a zoological term. I don’t necessarily like to even grant people that when I am even talking about that. I like to talk about people and our different ethnicities. Like I am a white American. Our founding fathers carved out a space for us on this land just like French people’s forefathers carved out a space for them on that land. You know what I mean? So when we are talking about race as a zoological term, there is no objective way to measure any one over the other one. A good way to look at different ethnicities is how well they work together as a group. That will show you how well they tend to do fairing against, you know, when competing against other groups. But again, there is no way to say, oh they do this and they do that, therefore this one is better. You would be splitting hairs for the rest of your life. We should all just be talking about getting along and doing what is best for us. Reading the Bible, Acts 17:26 (and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation) is a good way, you know, that is a good starting point for how we should organize our societies.

DU: Do you believe that there is a superior religion? If so, why?

PT: A superior religion well yeah, as a Christian, people need to start acting more Christ-like.

DU: Is there anything else that you would like to share with your viewers or to be shared with the newspaper on campus?

PT: Just write in there, “It’s okay to be white.”

DU: What was your position in Charlottesville?

PT: As I said when I came back on TV, you know, we went there to have a civil right demonstration, a free speech demonstration. We were given a, you know, it was given court orders and they tried to shut it down. Even the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) had our backs in the sense that we were right. We were in the bounds of the law to have this sort of free speech expression, and, I mean, I guess it’s, one thing I would like to say is, you know, nobody gets upset when, you know, you don’t see people out there trying to shut down other identity groups when they advocate for themselves. So, when we were out there, the rule of law was not upheld by the police. Therefore, we were allowed to be attacked by militant communists I would call them, and groups like Antifa (a large group of independent sectors of people fighting against fascism) who I would not recommend anybody join because, you know what I mean, they are going to get you in a lot of trouble. And these groups, they want to try and shut us down, and as the demographics change in America, white people need to be able to have groups that can advocate positively for our racial group just like everybody else. We can be infringed upon. We can be discriminated against just like everybody else, and we were at Charlottesville.

DU: Do you support a large government system or a small government system? Why?

PT: That is a great question. Many people in the Alt-Right, you know, they line up on this question and they want to exclude themselves from working with people that think the opposite on this question. I’m fairly pragmatic as far as it goes to the question, big government or small government, because that is a very vague description. I mean, I want a big government when it comes to immigration. I want that enforced and that is starting to happen. Meanwhile, our different sectors of the government, you know, like there is a lot of bureaucracy that is just a bunch of paper pushing that can go. So, there are arguments for free market capitalism and then more government regulation. A different way is to understand that it is not one or the other but, you know, that’s why National Socialists view that it is a little bit of both. Depending on a region or resources, different things need to be controlled, but on a social level, the family needs to come first. I guess with the way that it is panning out right now it would be in everyone’s best interest if at least the federal government had a lot less control in our lives.

DU: What do you want people to know about your viewpoints?

PT: Stuff that is constantly misconstrued and I think people are waking up to it, is that I’m not the hateful one here. The fact that I am out there trying to be a positive racial advocate and that I’m attacked, you know. People clearly hate me and I’m not getting any reporting like, “His family was attacked,” and that’s not quite fair. Especially when white people start taking their own side. People can clearly see that it’s hypocritical.

DU: Was there meaning behind the name for your secondary Facebook account? (It was Otto Von Tism-mark).

PT: Because our capital is Bismarck and he was a German general, and it’s just a joke. Because we are in North Dakota. We joke about a lot of the guys in our movement, you know. God bless them, but they may or may not be on the (autism) spectrum, and either way we joke about it. They are very capable people in helping us achieve our goals because they can spurge out on the internet and they can sift through information. Everybody has their role. You know, we joke about autism. Funny that you mention it. I think that autism in the wrong hands could be a very dangerous weapon, let’s just say that.

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