Video Game Club Hosts Fourth Annual League of Legends Tournament

Students from North Dakota State and Minnesota State University Moorhead took the virtual battlefield Saturday. Fifteen teams competed against one another in the fourth annual League of Legends tournament. The tournament was set to begin at 10 a.m. but due to some technical setbacks, it began slightly later.

League of Legends is a free-to-play online game that pits teams of five against each other. Since the games release in 2009, it has accrued notable popularity. The Fargo-Moorhead Video Game Club is one of several student collegiate organizations that host League tournaments.

The Quentin Burdick Building served as the setting of choice for the competitors. From there, teams who were not playing at the time could watch the active teams play. Due to issues getting games running, only a few games could be played at a time. Because of this, the tournament had to be switched from a double elimination to single elimination bracket.

It was unfortunate to see happen, but on the bright side, it led to a packed room of excited spectators. Cheers and commentary filled the QBB whenever a big play happened.

Watching their fellow competitors play helped teams assess their competition. Many teams huddled up and discussed potential strategies. David Vu, a junior majoring in microbiology, was among the competitors spectating and making mental notes for future games.

“Sitting in a room when everyone cheering makes the whole event really fun,” Vu said. “It also gives us some time to check out the other teams and make any last-minute changes to our strategy.”

Vu spends his time in the map’s jungle playing the jungler role. The rest of his team fights in the map’s top, middle and bottom lanes. Vu says his role on the team is to be focused on coming in for surprise attacks and initiating team fights.

His teammate Addison Czeck is a junior majoring in physical and health education and plays in the top lane.

“We’re not expecting to go too far in the tournament,” Czeck said. “We’re here to have a good time and make fun of David.”

Vu and Czeck have been playing together for nearly a year.

Although the club had some troubles getting the tournament off the ground, it seems to have been a success. The tournament featured players of all levels of skill. It was nice to see that even in adversity the group came together in the name of competition and good fun. All in all, the event was that of legend.

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