Veteran’s Office Moving in Right Direction

Gosh, politics are beautiful. We are so consistently terrified of making a misstep that we would rather follow a book than our common sense.

NDSU’s Military and Veterans Service Office, recently renamed, was going through a political mess.

From one side, what seems like a very simple list of requests is perceived as a political nightmare for the other side.

There seems to be a fundamental disconnect.

This whole issue arose due to mishandling of the office in Ceres 211. In August, when Kaarin Remmich resigned it caused all but one interim worker to leave.

Tom Webb, who was the highest ranking member of the office back in November, came out with multiple grievances over not only registrar Rhonda Kitch, but also the placement and handlings of the office at Ceres 211.

In short, there are three things the Veterans are asking for: a full-time certifying official, a full-time veteran services coordinator and a better gathering space for the military members and veterans at North Dakota State University.

These don’t seem like outlandish things.

There is now a full-time certifying official in the office, Scott Fuller. His hiring is a step in the right direction.

Having said that, I think it is crazy that we haven’t done more work on this case.

As a writer for The Spectrum, I have seen what politics can do. The running around circles just for a simply yes or no answer is something that the news section does often.

In this situation, it isn’t a news story that is at risk. It is the health and financial security of military personnel here at NDSU, a more than 450 person population.

Though these moves might not be as flashy or exciting as a new basketball arena or aquatic center, it is something that NDSU must do.

Kitch has her own issues; obviously she isn’t the bad guy here. Rather, it is the system that she resides in. Having to deal with such abuse, and having to deal with multiple parties, I am for sure is difficult.

Frustration brings out the worst in people. Kitch has brought up accusations of berating, bullying, blaming, intimidating, swearing and non-compliance.

Though I can see where the frustration is coming from, attacking another person in this way is unacceptable.

I cannot see a reason for behavior like that.

Kitch is doing her job, and at the moment she is trying to find a common ground.

While some have taken to bully tactics, many have worked through peaceful and respectful manors.

Movement is key, and at the moment it looks like there is movement in the right direction.

Webb stated last fall that all he wants is a peaceful resolution in the end.

I hope they find what they need, and I hope that maybe this time it has a quicker resolution. If we can afford all of these amazing new things on this campus, I can’t see any reason why we can’t find a better meeting space and a few employees for people who have done so much for us.

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