Update v.096 includes much needed changes

Breakable windows and more with incoming update for ‘Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare’

KK GAME STUDIO | Photo Courtesy
New updates continue to improve gameplay.

Another school year has started, which marks another exciting period for updates and fixes to “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” the open-world, strategic, RPG (role-playing game) shooter by KK Game Studio.

The development team leader has recently posted a short video highlighting the newest update v.096 coming out soon.

Here is a list of features which will be soon added.

AI Upgrades

A new and improved AI (artificial Intelligence) has been added to units of the enemy and the players for tactical battles on the map. Units will now be more alert with better intelligence, reaction time, speed, response measures and increased tactics to deal with different scenarios.

Squad Formations

The default squad formation of an arrowhead will still be alive and well, but now more formations will be added to the roster.

There will be a new line formation which simply brings all squad members into a line of deadly firepower and armor.

Next, is a formation where the squad leader will take point ahead of their squad to draw enemy firepower.

The final formation seems to spread out the individual squad members so that a random grenade cannot simply kill off half the squad.

Breakable Windows

Breakable windows are a long-awaited update for “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare”, which will now give players a reason to enter buildings.

Being able to shoot from inside the safety of a structure will give players another level of tactical ability to harass and beat back enemy attacks.

New Maps

New maps to fight for and on will be coming with this new update. Seventeen maps, six cities, five villages and six strongholds will be coming with update v.096.

These location additions will give a great deal of variety when it comes to planning offensives, or protecting captured settlements around the world map.

Three new companions

Lastly, there will be an addition of three new companions to the game. Companions are a unit type which can be added to squads as an extra member. They have skills and upgrades like that of the player’s character, but instead of permanently dying like normal troops they will retreat to a village or city to be found again.

Along with these new companions come quests, which need to be completed for a player to hire them into the ever-growing militia.

This new update will also be followed by a flurry of quality of life improvements to the game such as bug fixes, patches and improved optimization.

More people can enjoy “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” as it continues the march to completion.

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