Unpopular Opinion: I Love Engineering Exams

Whoa, I feel completely prepared for this engineering exam.

Wait, science makes sense, I can see engineering in real life. Stand back folks and let me tell you about kinetic friction.

Many have issues with engineering exams. Many dread the nights of the week that we make the journey from Dolve Hall all the way to Gate City Bank Auditorium.

These nights don’t fill me with dread though. Rather, I love these nights. Like an old person’s book club, you get to see the faces of all the peers you rarely see, mostly because of our busy studying schedules. Also we engineers aren’t too keen on the whole, you know, um, talking and socializing thing, is how I think you would say it.

As one wanders into Gate City Bank Auditorium you can cut the nerves with a knife. Many people don’t want to be here. The material is hard; you can argue the exams can be unfair. Hell though, isn’t it a rush.

Pick your seat wisely. I have found that sitting next to people who don’t say anything is just boring. This also adds to the nerves. Rather, sit with the smart people, the confident people, the people who are getting the bonus point. They talk on occasion.

Oh man, the old guy just walked in. There is a large manila folder. Oh boy, like a dog watching their owner with the a bone, “just throw those out already.”

Oh wait, where is my calculator? Oh no, there is no way I left it at home. I am dead, I am failing this exam, oh man the embarrassment, oh, wait here it is, between my five textbooks, gosh wonder how I lost it?

Always double or triple check if you have your calculator. Always check an hour before the exam to make sure you have sufficient battery life and the calculator is, most importantly, on your person.

Ah, here we go. I have my pencils now, my calculator is working. The old guy is passing out exams now. Oh man, I can’t wait to see what the problem could be? Is it going to be obscure? Will it test our understanding of fundamental equations? Will I have to remember a class I did years ago? Wait, how do you find the slope of an equation? Oh yeah, that is Calc. I stuff.

Ah, now it is time to take the exam. Observe the exam. Be one with the exam. Wait, I need to do an integral for this one?

Be neat, engineering professors love a nice clean worksheet. Don’t scribble, maybe write out what you are thinking. This exam is going swimmingly.

Yes, I have finished my exam. Consider your possibilities of an A. Smile, you only have to take this exam once and you did fine. Smile and show your ID to the TA proctoring the exam. Smile as you leave and wait for your friend to tell you an entirely different answer than what you got. Now wait for the grade to go up. You got this champ.

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