Unlimited Learning with Cengage

Cengage Learning introduces Cengage Unlimited, a new option for students to access course materials through a digital subscription service. The new service allows students to access “more than 22,000 e-books and digital learning products across 675 courses and 70 disciplines.”

The new subscription service for students will be introduced in the fall 2018 semester, with a cost of $119 for a semester or $179 for the entire year.

Cengage Unlimited gives students “total and on-demand access” to all the digital-learning resources, e-books, online homework and study tools that Cengage has to offer, all in one place.

How it works

Students join by signing up for a subscription and submitting a one-time payment for a semester — or if you choose — for a year. No matter how many Cengage resources or product one uses, the price always remains the same for the semester or year.

The subscription allows students to explore over 20,000 textbooks and course materials in the Cengage library, while also having access to online homework, study tools and educational resources.

If you are using the digital and online platforms, you can choose to receive a print rental at no cost, aside from a shipping fee. When your subscription expires with Cengage Unlimited, you can still access up to six stored e-books in a digital locker and access those for up to a year.

Why sign up

“(Cengage Unlimited) will be offering a new way for students to purchase materials for their courses next fall,” said Martin Livingood, NDSU’s local representative with Cengage Learning. “It will save students a great deal of money.”

Cengage Learning declares its unlimited service as the first-of-its-kind subscription service for student access to course materials. They hope that Cengage Unlimited will prove itself to be the best option for students, especially for those that spend $500 per year or more on course materials, believing that “all students deserve quality learning resources they can afford.”

According to Cengage, 72 percent of students put off purchasing course materials until the course started and 45 percent decided not to register for a course because of the cost. When students did enroll, 38 percent of students earned a poor grade and 20 percent failed a course because they could not afford the materials.

The service launches in summer 2018, and students can sign up now to receive notices and get early access at Cengage Unlimited.

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