bike share in the winter?

Unlike in Westeros, Winter is Coming Soon to Fargo

Efforts have been initiated around campus to prepare for the nearing cold and snowfall.

Pete Zimmerman, Associate Director of Business Operations and Facilities Management, spoke of the collaboration between the work crews on campus to coordinate preparation efforts.

“We have winter planning meetings so our crews know what areas of the campus they’re each responsible for,” he said.

Meetings cover topics such as disability routes that will take priority around campus during extreme snowfall, and information pertaining to campus visitors that will keep operations running smoothly despite snowfall.

Grounds and landscape crews have been winterizing irrigation systems and blowing out sprinklers, mowing and collecting leaves, cleaning flower beds and removing hanging baskets around campus.

Crews also have a mixed salt and sand concoction for immediate application to parking lots and streets after snow falls to control the formation of ice.

The campus arbor crew has begun to tackle seasonal tree trimming, reducing shrubs and trees for slightly altered Spring growth.

Seasonal bike racks will be removed and stored for winter Friday, making way for snow removal. An announcement was sent via listserv email last week.

Custodians who are responsible for snow removal on building exteriors have been equipped with shovels and ice melts to keep sidewalks clear.

In addition to campus exterior efforts, work has been done inside the buildings to ensure warmth to faculty and students alike during the cold.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing crews have turned on steam in each building and completed a maintenance check to all heating equipment.

“Our heating plant staff has finished all boiler maintenance and will be bringing one or two of our coal builders back online this week,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman expects that three of NDSU’s four boilers will be online and ready for the winter months by the beginning of next week.

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