Unknown Treasures in Fargo-Moorhead

With any town, it always seems like there is nothing to do. In Fargo, you will constantly hear the complaints of there being nothing exciting in town, but they’re wrong. There are many unknown and hidden treasures in the Fargo-Moorhead community, from the Annual Kite day that has been around for 20 years to the Fargo Marathon to river paddling to cruise night, where cars and bikes drive together for admiration. There are hidden gems everywhere that people often don’t find, or try to find, until after they are over. Whether it is cold or hot, there is most likely something happening, especially downtown. Keeping an eye out for any random events or listening for any talk of something happening can help you find something to do. The F-M area has annual events that have been around for years, and more keep popping up. People in the community join together to enjoy these events by bringing friends, family and their pets to participate and/or watch whatever is happening that day.

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