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University Village Apartments Require Renovation

My Easter break was going fantastic. The gradual increase in temperature made the day even more enjoyable. Then suddenly, one of the pipes in my kitchen started leaking. This inconvenience was then followed by a blockage in my bathroom. Both the kitchen and the bathroom were unusable until Monday when offices reopened.

I have spent a long time, nearly two years, residing at University Village apartments. When I first came to NDSU, I was unaware of the apartment options. So, I shared an apartment in University Village with an old acquaintance.

Initially, I was unaware of the problems of bed bugs, cracked ceilings and various things related to these buildings. But I always desired an individual room at an affordable cost. So I continued to stay in the University Village area.

University Village has been featured in the news previously with the developing problems related to sanitary conditions and for healthy living. I believe that it’s the time for renovation and remodeling of the University Village apartments.

On one hand, the structure of these apartments reflect an old-fashioned look to the University Village area reminiscent of an antique style. Also, it is surrounded by parking lots and its location close to the bus stop makes it perfect.

On the other hand, most of the apartments are in awful condition. Even if my roommates and I try to keep it clean, it remains the same. The floor, ceilings, walls, windowpanes and more are greasy, broken and need some kind of replacement.

Last year, when I moved into another apartment in the same area, I had to suffer a lot in the scorching heat of summer.  My room window didn’t open completely, and I reported the problem to residence life. They showed up, but did not offer any solution or replacement; just a comment that it can be opened in the same manner and to some extent. It did not matter that other windows in the apartment did open entirely.

Apart from this, during the winter I was under treatment for a few months regarding nose-bleeding trouble. My heater vent didn’t have a switch to regulate the direction of the direct warm air. Again they showed up, but no repair of the vent. Repeatedly there have been clogging and leakage issues.

I feel that the services provided by NDSU residence life are appreciable; they make sure that someone is available to fix it. However, I think the good customer service won’t work in the long run as the buildings are getting too old. Frequent complications seem to arise.

Also there are very few laundry rooms available and are far-off for some of the two-bedroom apartments. One can see many students, especially during weekends, lined up for laundry machines or dryers.

I urge NDSU residence life department to look into such matters and take necessary actions quickly. I understand that they are not solely responsible for these issues. But someone has to at least highlight the subject for the concern of students.

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