University Village Apartments May Get Facelift

North Dakota State’s 2017-19 biennial budget request contains a small section asking for funds to replace University Village.

“University Village Replacement Phase 1,” as worded in the budget request, proposes a reconstruction and remodeling project of University Village.

The budget request indicates the project would be non-state funded and will cost around of $10 million, $9 million of which will be used in construction.

Remaining costs include design fees, advertising costs, required permits and fee payments. These costs are estimated to total just over $845,000, a portion of the much larger total project cost.

A final category for furniture, fixtures and equipment for the project is estimated to cost around $100,000.

According to the master plan alignment portion of the report, “University Village was initially constructed in 1969 to provide additional housing for the increase in married students on campus.”

Currently there are 246 apartment units in the University Village apartment complex, each containing a living room, kitchen, and at least one bathroom and bedroom.

The budget request sites a shortage of laundry facilities, lack of ample space and lack of security as reasons for improving University Village. The report continues, “All units are primarily concrete block construction so overall insulation is low. None of the existing buildings have improved safety features such as card access, exterior surveillance or sprinkler systems.”

Another primary reason for the construction project is tearing down and rebuilding a new building is estimated to be cheaper than fixing existing structures.

Concerns with building foundations, wireless Internet access that it is not up to par and a lack of modern safety features are issues that will be improved in the remodeling project.

“The project would include necessary upgrades to utilities, landscaping and adequate parking to ensure surrounding neighborhoods are not negatively impacted,” the request stated.

Sadie Rudolph, NDSU’s media relations coordinator, said the project is currently an estimate and contingent on legislative approval.

The proposed budget report states “based on the Legislature approving the project in April 2017, the Governor signing the bill in May, and selling the bonds immediately thereafter, the construction would be slated to start in June 2017.”

The report also details a total of a 12-month construction period.

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