UND to Reveal New Nickname Soon, Maybe

PHOTO COURTESY | UND The current UND logo
The current UND logo.

The University of North Dakota has had the public buzzing with attention as of late.

Soon, the University of North Dakota will have a nickname again.

The buzz began back in 2012 when the well-known nickname “Fighting Sioux” was voted to be removed as the existing University of North Dakota nickname.

Since, UND has been going by the three unofficial nicknames: UND, NoDaks and North Dakota Pride.

Through months of deliberation emerged a set of the top five names that could soon be the UND nickname: The Fighting Hawks, The Nodaks, The North Stars, The Roughriders and The Sundogs.

An initial vote for the choice of then nickname ran between October 19 and October 23 to choose between the top 5 choices.

“If no name got over 50% of the vote, there would be a runoff vote between the top 2,” Michelle Sanders, a UND Physical Therapy major, said, “no name did, and the 2nd and 3rd place names were only 100 some votes apart so the administration decided to hold the runoff vote between the top 3.”

The three remaining choices after the initial vote were: The Nodaks, The Fighting Hawks and The Roughriders.

The Forum indicates that a nickname will need to acquire at least 50% of the vote to win, or else runoff voting will continue to happen.

A second round of voting happened between November 2 and November 6, with the results expected to be delivered soon after.

Over 82,000 people were able to partake in the voting: all UND students, faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, donors and stakeholders.

People with the right to vote were selling their vote on various websites, the most popular being Craigslist. The Star Tribune states the votes were selling anywhere from $20 to $150.

Many UND alumni and community members do not want a nickname, they are happy with simply being North Dakota or Nodaks.

Sanders claims that after the first round vote, the students voted heavily in favor of the nickname Fighting Hawks.

“There was a lot of talk about it when the process was in the beginning and they were narrowing down submissions and announcing the names that kept going through,” Sanders said, “there’s still a lot of buzz about it but I’ve definitely noticed more buzz being shared on social media with opinions or sharing of newspaper editorials or blog posts.”

Sanders added, “Most of the buzz comes after an email announcement with details or information is released, and then it slowly dissipates as time goes on.”

Following the final vote, the next steps would be for the official approval from the UND President, and for a new mascot logo to be designed.

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