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Come explore the musical universe with me.

Exploring a new Genre every week

This weekly instalment will be a selfish endeavor. Finding new and interesting music is not a hard thing to do in the age of the internet, but it does take some inertia. This is my inertia and these are three tracks that hopefully change your life if only for five minutes.

I will try my best to delve into the history and give a brief explanation of who is behind the music but by all means do your own research. I hope, like myself, these lists will give you good jumping off points for exploration. If the reader has any ideas for future tracks, please let me know.

1. “Slug Song” The Clean: I don’t know what it was like in New Zealand in 1978. But I do know that The Clean was there creating music alongside a class of post punk musicians from around the world that was way ahead of its time. The Clean where pumping out classics for a modern world.

“Slug Song” is reminiscent of the New Wave music that would come with repetitive keyboard lines and driving melodic lyrics. The vocals are all punk though, gravely and totally rock and roll. The song is repetitive and feels shorter than it really is but the raw energy created is one of a kind. I would recommend taking a look at the whole anthology.

2. “Cherry-coloured Funk” Cocteau twins: This band was hard to nail down. The history page on their website even briefly mentions how many people have tried to write about this band in short form and have failed to bring the full story to light. In short the Scottish band sounds like a fusion of British punk, new wave and pop. 

“Cherry-coloured Funk” is off the bands most famous album “Heaven or Las Vegas”. The album is credited as bringing the band international acclaim. The song is a beautiful ethereal ride with great pop structuring and luxurious synth chords and flouting vocals. I would recommend it on a slow drive in the middle of nowhere if you can.

3. “When the Sun Hits” Slow Dive: If you are looking for a place to start an indie listening vacation you might want to start in the 90s with Slow Dive, a British rock outfit. Their music is serene and in no way feels like it was made in the ruckus 90s. Listeners will be presently surprised.

I discovered this track a week ago and have not been able to stop listening to it since. It swells seductively with dark distorted guitar and a beautifully constructed melody. Every bit of this song feels like it yearns to stick to your soul and never let go. Beware, it will end up in your “On Repeat” playlist on Spotify.

Next week I will try my hand at the genre of ska, a type of music I am woefully under educated in. If you love ska, please let me know and we can talk about what makes it great. 

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