Trump’s Birth Control

The Trump administration recently moved to allow employers to deny women birth control in company insurance plans.
Employers are allowed to deny such services based on religious and moral objections to the use of birth control.
Liv Oland, president of North Dakota State’s Women’s Activist Organization (WAO), said that WAO does not support the mandate.
Much of the reason for the opposition from the group is that women don’t always use birth control as a means of controlling whether or not they get pregnant.
As birth control pills are doses of hormones they are also used to help with chronic acne and to help with painful menstrual cycles and health issues like endometriosis.
Beyond that, WAO also believes that women have the right to do what they wish with their bodies, even if that means preventing an unwanted pregnancy.
While WAO says that close to every woman who uses birth control will be affected, Deborah Nelson, a nurse practitioner for Student Health Services at NDSU says that it is unclear as to who will be affected.
Nelson says that the federal mandate does not have an effect on state laws and regulations regarding healthcare and birth control, and as there are 26 states that mandate coverage for reproductive services, including North Dakota and Minnesota, residents should not have to worry about such things.
WAO does believe that this will likely increase the rate of abortions.

Nelson encourages students to contact their insurance provider if they want information on their specific coverage and how it will be affected.

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