Trump’s America: Red Hot White Love

The leader of the “free world” just denounced immigrants from “shithole” countries, folks, and prayed for more, wait for it, I bet you won’t guess, white people.

Is it time for someone golfing with him in Mar-a-Lago to tell Trump that although he is totally the least racist person you’ll ever meet, he is kinda sounding like a racist?

I mean Jesus man, you are making it harder and harder for everyone who voted for you to not look like an idiot. You are also making every guy wearing a beanie in summer with a “Feel the Bern sticker” on the back of his Prius sound like Einstein.

In this presidency, the Trumpster has lumped people from Mexico and whole casts of Broadway shows; I honestly don’t know why we are surprised at all. Shock only comes when you have expectations for someone and they betray that. I haven’t had any expectations for Trump for some time now.

Honestly, I would buy just about any situation at this point. I’m just expecting a nuclear war at this point, or at least a mud-wrestling match with the guy from North Korea. Perhaps they may even have a genital measuring contest after that?

Seriously though, I never thought I would see a United States’ President act like this. Granted, I recall a similar feeling two Novembers ago about his presidency: God, how did we get here?

This president goes on about making America great again, but fails to realize the simplest aspects of the fabled American dream. And no, the American dream, in this case, isn’t Ronald Regan wearing a rebel flag bikini and holding an AR-15 shooting with “Sweet Home Alabama” playing in the background.

America’s dream may be ever changing, but the idea for me is simply that the poorest people in this nation deserve a fighting chance at happiness and financial security.

We have so much in this country. Why can’t we allow other people to enjoy the simplest life should give you? A roof over your head, a job and the feeling of a welcoming community as well as fair representation, I mean is that too much to ask for?

Why doesn’t Trump’s America include those people? We claim that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness, but apparently, we forgot to add only if you are from a white majority country.

The guy can enjoy well-done steak, but can’t enjoy the rights of those less fortunate than him? Join me and ask, why the f*** is it this way?

Trump simply lacks the professionalism to be the president. Hell, I wouldn’t even want him to write for this section.

Although we may all be praying for impeachment, and, believe me, my knees are very worn from praying for this, I would switch my attention to his current supporters.

Why is this acceptable to you? Where did we go that it is okay to demean those who have so little? The poorest among us shouldn’t be victims of harassment from the man who represents them. When did it become a fat cat’s paradise in this country?

Until then I guess, let’s play ball and prepare for either nuclear annihilation or worse, a Trump and Pence presidency for eight f***ing years.

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