Trump files lawsuits over election results

As the election has wrapped up, Americans now turn their attention to Trump’s lawsuits

After months of campaigning, the 2020 presidential election has ended. Joseph R. Biden was announced president-elect on Nov. 7 leading the current president, Donald J. Trump, by 58 electoral votes.

Nevertheless, conversations regarding the results are far from over and Trump is convinced that voter fraud has cost him the election. In an effort to claim victory, the president is taking legal action and has filed lawsuits in more than four states.

According to Jan Wolfe, editor at US News and World Report, the possibility of an altered election result is not likely. This is largely due to a lack of concrete evidence.

Wolfe stated in a recent article that “Karl Rove, a prominent Republican strategist, wrote in the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 11 that Trump’s lawsuits have presented no evidence of the sort of systemic fraud that would be needed to overturn Biden’s victory.”

Rove continued by saying that the president’s efforts are “unlikely to remove a single state from Biden’s column,” and even more unlikely to change the election results.

Currently, the outcome does not appear to be in Trump’s favor. The lawsuits are still pending, but Americans can still expect a Biden inauguration to take place on Jan. 20, 2021

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