Trump Adds Four English-Speaking Nations to Travel Ban

President Trump announced an expansion of his controversial travel ban this week to include the English-speaking countries of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and the England.

Trump cites business problems overseas as the reason for this decision, coming after British Prime Minister Theresa May announced Monday members of Parliament are creating a bill to ban all Trump brands from the UK, including Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

All Trump holdings in Britain would close within six months of the bill’s probable singing.

Trump family members will also be barred from entering the UK for a period of four years, with the possibility of it being extended to eight should Trump be re-elected in November 2020.

“If they won’t give me the business, I won’t give them the pleasure of travel,” Trump remarked in an interview with the PBS Newshour on Tuesday night.

“If we’re going to make America great again, I can’t let a country who bans the Trump family brand come over here,” Trump said.  “It’s sad.”  He attempted to continue the conversation, but was then cut off by substitute anchor James Franco who asked what Trump was doing on the show, especially with his attempt to cut funding to PBS and NPR.

“Nobody knows how bad of a bill this is for them, nobody does international business better than Donald Trump, believe me folks,” Trump continued.

Craig Ferguson, former host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, had a few comments to say about the newly-instated travel ban.

“It’s like we’re suddenly the most dangerous men on Earth,” Ferguson disclosed in an email on Tuesday afternoon as the event of the travel ban unfolded.  “I don’t know what my country did to get on this list, but it certainly seems excessive.”

John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, quipped on his show that “Cheeto Hitler” shouldn’t be welcomed anyway and that the fallout of Brexit should have excluded Americans from ruining Britain anyways.


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