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TRIO Helps Veterans Fly

TRIO Programs at NDSU are expanding Vet­erans Educational Training (VET) Programs starting this spring semester. TRIO is collaborating with Uni­versity of Mary, Minot State University and North Dako­ta State College of Sciences for newer online resources for North Dakota military veterans.

Starting Jan. 13, veter­ans enrolled at NDSU will be able to take online class­es at these institutions as well as use their resources to prepare for college. The program expansion also in­cludes online pre-college courses at any of these insti­tutions.

VET is part of the Veter­ans Upward Bound that was established in 1972 to assist low-income first generation veterans. The new program will assist all veterans that have been honorably dis­charged from the military. The applicant must only be a N.D. veteran seeking edu­cation in a post-secondary educational institution of the state, regardless of age and residence.

The program conducted through TRIO provides fa­cilities like refresher pro­grams, academic guidance and referral services.

Jeri Vaudrin, project co­ordinator for the program said in a press release, “Vet­erans who have been out of the educational arena for a few years can find it difficult to adapt to being a student. Veterans can struggle to complete their educational goals because of time away from the structure of school, the need to provide for their families and health issues caused by deployment.”

The services available through these institutions to prepare the veterans for their reentry into school are offered free of charge.

Jerome Billups, a retiree of 2004 who attended MSU and later NDSU wrote in his testimony to the Sen­ate Education Committee, “The instruction, support and camaraderie I received from this program not only prepared me for my studies, but also was able to guide me in translating 22 years of military experience into a major area of study that complemented my service experiences.”

For more information on the VET program, contact Jeri Vaudrin at 701-231-9706.


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