Keeping Up with the Trends

It’s not necessary, but it’s kind of fun

This is a Tide Pod, made for washing clothes. Not for snacking.

Just because it’s 2019 doesn’t mean trends or phrases are going to slow down. It seems as if 2018 was the most noticeable year for nifty trends and such, and it seems like with each coming year there be more and more of them. I have mixed feelings about these newly acquired ways of life. I’m going to list a few trends and phrases from 2018 (and 2019 so far) that people (mainly the younger population) say and what I think of their contribution is to society.

Eating Tide Pods

I’m not going to go in depth on this one. This is just young people being dumb, looking for attention and/or a way to entertain themselves. If I have one thing to say about this, it’s, “Don’t eat a damn Tide Pod.” Unless you want to see what happens, by all means go for it.

Every ‘Fortnite’ dance

This one I can tolerate. I play a lot of “Fortnite,” and I think performing the dances in real life is kind of cool. It’s especially awesome if someone can perfect one of the moves really well. You see people do it all the time. It happens at parties, at basketball games from the bench players and even in “Madden 19.” Yes, “Madden 19” has made players able to do various “Fortnite” dances when they score a touchdown, especially the “hype” move. It’s almost safe to say “Fortnite” took over the world in 2018, and it shows. (You’ll hear about “and it shows” later).

It seems as if 2018 was the most noticeable year for nifty trends and such, and it seems like with each coming year there be more and more of them. 

‘Let’s get this bread’

Finally, a saying that can make people feel like they are motivated. Let me translate this into an actual sentence: “Let’s get a ton of stuff done today and be productive.” You see people saying this all the time, but are we really “getting this bread?” People can say that and then go back to playing eight straight hours of “Call of Duty” while eating pizza. That could come across as an achievement for some. If it does actually motivate you to be productive, well then I guess this phrase is a good one.

‘Weird flex, but OK’

Seems like “flex” is becoming a very popular word nowadays. A flex is basically just another term for showing off. This phrase burst onto the scenes toward the end of 2018. If someone says this, they are essentially saying whatever you are doing they don’t necessarily agree with, but they’ll accept it just because. An example of this could be someone tweeting the following: “Just walked my snail, what’d you do today?” An accurate response in today’s world would be, “Weird flex, but OK.” There is a solid chance that response goes viral due to the “relatable” phrase.

‘Some of you (blank), and it shows’

This is probably the most recent phrase to blow up on Twitter. The blank part of this phrase can be just about anything you want. Here’s one I saw on Twitter a couple days ago: “Some of you didn’t watch ‘SpongeBob’ as a kid, and it shows.” While it’s obvious you can’t tell who watched “SpongeBob” and who didn’t just by looking, it’s meant to be more funny than anything else. They also could be referring to people who don’t get “SpongeBob” lines because they haven’t seen it, and that’s what they mean by “it shows.” Either way, I have laughed at some of these tweets and this may be my favorite phrase of 2018 and so far of 2019.

‘Stay woke’

You see kids saying this a lot, especially in 2018. If someone tells you to “stay woke,” don’t think too much of it. If you keep up with the news, sports, people, entertainment, etc. to even the smallest extent, you are “woke.” It just means being informed on what’s going on in the world. Don’t feel pressured if you aren’t “woke.” It’s just a saying.


This phrase could have started in late 2017, but it was a large trend in 2018. A lot of college students say this. If you’re “low-key” afraid of spiders, you are saying you aren’t constantly thinking about them in fear, but you would still be spooked if you came across one. It’s essentially being a little less afraid than just being plain afraid. You’re “low-key” afraid.

Future trends will continue to appear whether we like it or not. It’s ultimately up to us if we are going to ride the wave of the trend or brush it aside because it’s stupid or makes no sense. I think it can be fun keeping up with trends. It’s what makes these newer generations more fun and entertaining. Who knows, you yourself could start a trend and make millions of dollars. It seems like a great idea that blows up is worth fortunes nowadays. Let that sink in and keep you motivated.

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